TEERTH DARSHAN compiled by Shree Mahaveer Jain Kalyan Sangh, Chennai, INDIA

Teerth Darshan.com is a unique portal which popularizes Jain Ancient teerth in India and arouses the feeling of pride and affection in all sects about our ancient teerth and thus generates spontaneous desire for a pilgrimage to all teerths with a preset mind.

"TEERTH DARSHAN" is llustrated Encyclopedia of Jain Pilgrims with more than 700 attractive colour photos and information provided about the antiquity of all the Teerths, Location, Amenities & the Management details. The book is compiled of over 750 imported A4 size art paper in 3 volumes.



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Our Teerth

Will uncover many web sites still in their infancy. Various versions have Evolved over the years

Our History

Many circular pilgrimage tours (Teerth Yatra Sangh) are organized and sponsored throughout the country, during vacation holiday.

Our Philosophy

It not only gives the information about Jain Teerth to all the people in the world, but also helps them to know about its history. It also helps them to visit Jain Teerth with preliminary knowledge and preparation with pre-fixed time schedule and budget. With Teerthdarshan.com we are trying to improve the popularity of the teerth and tourism and help to develop the Jain Teerth. This will also ensure the recognition and acceptance of Jain Art, Culture, Philosophy and Architecture worldwide

TEERTH DARSHAN compiled by Shree Mahaveer Jain Kalyan Sangh, Chennai, INDIA.

This research- Study- Compilation was undertaken by them in the year 1974 and completed successfully and the book was released in the year 1981 by the erstwhile Honorable.

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