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Sri Adinath Bhagwan in white color seated in a lotus posture of height 105 Cms located in a shrine in the lap of mountains outside the village of Delvada. (Shve).

A correct opinion about the antiquity of this place cannot be formed. There is however a reference stating that in Vikram year 1469, the temple was ceremonially consecrated after repairs and renovations. This shrine was earlier famous by the name of Devkulpatak. Once, this was a large city. In “tirthmala” composed in vikram 1746 this place has been elaborately described. In Vikram year 1954 the last repairs and renovations appear to have been carried out. The shrine is one of the Mewad Panch TIrthi. It is said that at one time there existed here 300 Jain temples. Here on two mountain tops Shatrunjay and Girnar were established as if they were re-incarnated. From here upto Nagada, it is said that there was underground passage. Such a beautiful idol of Sri Adinath Bhagwan is difficult to come by at any other place. In “Som Saubhagya” composition, a detailed description is found of many visits here of Acharya Sri Somsundersurishvarji with his large following of saint disciples.

The sculptural style adopted in this temple reminds one of temples onMount Abu and at Ranakpur. The art too compares favorably with art there. Sometimes one is even reminded of the temples at Kumbharia. Samples  of art in various designs on the sikhar, ceiling and the pillars appear unique in a  way. One does not feel inclined to move oneself from the spot where the idol of Sri Adinath Bhagwan is installed. The Lord appears life-like in all details and the ancient idol appears as if made today. Many old idols full of art are installed in the temple e.g. between pea-cock and a serpent there are foot prints of Sri Adinath, there are figures of Draupadi, Kunti and Pandavas etc., In the underground cell of the temple of Sri Parshvanath Bhagwan there are many large size ancient idols.

Besides the temple of Sri Adinath there are three other temples belonging to 15th Vikram Century.

Nearby Railway station are Khemli 13 Kms and Udaipur 26 KMs away. From Udaipur buses and taxis are available. Bus stand in the village is 500meters away from the temple. This shrine is located on Udaipur-Ajmer road. Private cars and buses can go right upto the temple.

Here there is a dharamshala with  facilities of water and electricity alone.

Sri Jain Shvetamber Mahasabha
P.O. Delvada – 313 202
Dist :Udaipur, Rajasthan
Tel :  0294 -420462