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Sri Jirawala Parshvanath Bhagwan in white color, seated in a lotus posture of height 18 Cms in a shrine at foothills of Jairaj Mountain outside Jirawala village. (Shve).

In Jain scriptures, this place is known by names such as Jiravalli, Jirapalli, Jirikavalli, Jairajpalli etc., From ancient ruins and relics that is available, it looks certain that at one this lace must have been a very large and prosperous city.

According to one reference, this temple of Sri Jirawala Parshvanath was built in Vikram year 326 by Sheth Sri Amrasa of Kodinagar which should be in the vicinity of Bhinmal. It is  said that householder Amrasa once say in his dream that Guardian deity of Sri Parshvanath Bhagwan who directed him to ceremonially install the idol of Sri Parshvanath Bhagwan lying underground in a cave outside the city of Jiravalli on the very spot near the foothills where it would be discovered after digging. Amrasa narrated the story of his dream to Jain Acharya Sri Devsuriji also had then similar dream. Thereafter both Amrasa and Acharya Sri went for searching the spot indicated  and as the confluence of punya would have it, the idol of Sri Parshva Prabhu was discovered.

According to the direction of the Guardian Deity a temple was then erected and in Vikram year 331, it was ceremonially sanctified at the hands of Acharya Sri Devsuriji. In Vikram year 663 First renovations to the temple were carried out by SHeth Jetasa Khemasa on hearing religious discourses from Jain Acharya Sri Merusuriji who had come here in congregation of about ten thousand Jain pilgrims. The second time repairs and renovations were carried out in Vikram year 1033 by Sheth Hardasji of Tetli nagar as a result of religious discourses given by him by Jain Acharya Sri Sahajanandji. Thereafter several times such repairs are not available. The last ceremonial consecration ceremony was performed in Vikram year 2020 in Vaishakh year 2020 in Vaishakh Sukla at the hands of Sri Tilokvijayji. The local rock inscriptions, various laudatory compositions of several Acharya and temples records and other materials all mention the name of Sri Jirawala Parshvanath Bhagwan till  Vikram year 1851. Thereafter actually what happened is not known for certain but in place of the Presiding Deity, the idol of Sri Neminath Bhagwan came to be found.  IT is believed that due fears of invasion and plunder, the ancient idol of Sri Parshvaprabhu may have been kept preserved in an  unassuming manner for being protected, which at present installed in a small single room shrine of little significance.

The glory of Sri Jirawala Parshvanath Bhagwan has been sung in Jain literatures from place to place. Even at present whenever and wherever consecration ceremonies etc, take place this Tirthadhiraj among shrines is first remembered in the holy incantation “Om Hrin Sri Jirawala Parshvanathay Namah”. Generally on such occasions, some miracles do happen by way of extra-ordinary events and wishes of the faithful devotees get fulfilled.

In this temple in various small single room shrines the idols of Sri Parshvanath Bhagwan in 108 different names have been installed. In the whole of India, this is the only Ancient shrine where 108 idols of Sri Parshvanath Bhagwan are found in different names. Every Acharya Bhagwant and all saints have visited this shrine  as on a pilgrimage. Till date, innumerable Jain household congregations may come here and they have been variously described. Many Acharyas and saints have, in their compositions of laudatory hymns, sung the glory of this shrine all of which cannot be described here. After this shrine, Jirapalli Gachchha has been founded, the name of which happens to be included in 84 Gachchhas.

The miracles of this place are also well known e.g.. once about fifty robbers collectively rushed into the temple. Each of them seized as many articles and Rupees as was  possible and tying the same into bundle placed it on the hand and started to walk away. Suddenly a strange giddiness was experienced and there was sheer darkness before the eyes of all of them. None could find his way out and every attempt they made, their heads were dashed against the walls which resulted in heavy and profuse bleeding. Soon all of them fell unconscious and in the morning they were caught together with all that they had tied into bundles to carry away . Another time, Acharya Merutungsuriji handed over three verses in writing to a congregation of Jain householders going towards Jirawala . The leader of the congregation  placed these verses before the idol of the Lord. In an invisible manner the Guardian Deity gave seven  small balls, (Gutika) with instructions to use one of them as and when needed. Several such miracles have taken place and take place even today.

Many Non-Jains also visit this shrine with devotion and faith. They call the Lord as “Dadaji”. Every year after the yield of wheat crop, people visit this shrine with their families. They first cook and prepare their meals here and with great joy after offering it to the Lord, accept it for themselves. In doing this, they consider  themselves lucky. According to them, by coming here their wishes are fulfilled. Annual festivals is held here on Posh Krishna 10 and celebration are held every year on Chaitra Poornima, Bhadrapad Sukla 6 and Kartik Poornima.

The idol of Sri Parshvanath Bhagwan is both artistic and expressive. Like a magnet it spontaneously draws to itself the minds of devotees. With the quiet and peaceful atmosphere of the wild at the foothills of Mound Jairaj, the scene of this temple and its 52 surrounding small single room shrines is extremely attractive.

There is no other temple in the vicinity of this one.

The nearby railway station of Abu road is 42Kms away where taxis and buses are available. Nearby large town of Revdar is 8 Kms away which is on Abu-Mandar road. There is  tar road upto the temple.

For lodging there are large dharamshalas and block near the temple with all facilities and a bhojanalaya for meals are available. Even dry snack is provided.

Sri Jirawala Parshvanath Jain Teerth
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Dist : Sirohi, Rajasthan.
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