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Sri Chintamani Parshvanath Bhagwan in white color seated in a semi-lotus posture,  in a shrine outside a small village of Gummileru.(Shve)

The idol was excavated from earth while the road was being laid some 30 years back, the devotee then had constructed a small room, and the idol was placed there and with proper rituals was sanctified at the hands there and with proper rituals was sanctified at the hands of Pujiya Nandanvijayji Maharaj.

After this temple was constructed and sanctified ceremonially, devotees in large numbers visit this place. Pilgrims coming with full devotion got their wishes fulfilled and the need to expand the temple was thought for. Hence renovation work is carried out on the temple wherein with proper rituals the work was started and is still going on. Probably the work will get over in another one year.

At various places over here ancient idols are found. From this it is evident that there might have been lot of Jain temples and numerous Jain families were the inhabitants of this place some time.

From the idol, it is, learnt that the history of this place is around 2000 years old. This idol might have been during the period of Sri Bhadrasahuji. Since the idol of Prabhu has got lions sculpted on both sides archaeologists say it be of the period of Ashok. The antiquity of this place and the very old idol of Prabhu with magnificent art work is the main importance of this place. The idol of Prabhu is so vivid as if the Prabhu himself was sitting there and wanted to tell something.

There is a annual fair held on the eve of Prabhu’s Janm Kalyanak on Posh Krishna Dasami. Where in thousands of devotees from the nearby villages gather and offer prayers. Their desires and wishes get full filled. There is no other temple besides this.

The ancient idol is very artistic and in a class in itself. It is very difficult to find such an idol anywhere itself.

The nearby railway station is Dhwarpudi 10Kms away from here, where autos, taxis are available. Mehapeta is 5Ks, Rawal Palem 13 Kms, Ramchandrapuram 15Kms, Rajamahendry 40Kms and Vijaywada is around 200Kms from here. This place from Ravlpalni is on Kakinada road. Cars and taxis can go upto the temple.

For Lodging and boarding a well equipped dharamshala with all facilities along with a bhojanshala is available.

Sri Chintamani Parshvanath Jain Temple Teerth
National Highway No. 5,
P.O. Gummileru – 533 232
Dist : Purvagodavari, (A.P)
Tel   : 08855-34037 (PP)