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Sri Parshvanath Bhagwan in black color, seated in a semi-lotus posture and of height 120 Cms in a shrine in the village of Humbaj (Dig).

This shrine was consecrated in Vikram 7th Century at the hands of Sri Jinaduttarai, founder of the Royal Dynasty of Santar. He was the son of Sri Sakar, king of Mathura.

When Prince Jinnaduttarai was coming from Mathura accompanied by an image of Sri Padmavati Devi on a horse, he rested here under Lakki Tree which still exists today. At that time in his dream he was inspired by invisible sources to found his capital town here. He also got an indication that by the touch of  Goddess Padmavati’s feet even iron was metamorphosed into gold. He therefore not only founded his capital but also built a temple here. In a Math established here, the idols made out of nine jewels are worth seeing. The seat of authority of Sri Devendrakirti Bhattacharya is located here  and the one in authority at present also lives here. Every year in the month of March on the day of “Mula” constellation a Chariot festival of Sri Padmavati Devi is held here when from every corner of India thousands of devotees gather for worship. At the time of the brilliant “Arati” of Sri Padmavati Devi springs of devotion start flowing in the heart of every devotee.  A temple of Sri Padmavati Devi in such stupendous splendor is nowhere else to be found. Faithful devotees by mere sight of the idol get all their desires cherished in the heart fulfilled. Always there is an atmosphere of a festival fair being held as hundreds of devotees keep visiting here every day.

Idols of great and beautiful artistry here are worth seeing. There is a pond here called by the name of “Moti” dug 1300 years ago about which it is said that it never dries even in famine. There are three other temples nearby.

The nearby railway station of Arasalu which comes within Shimoga district is 25Kms away from the shrine from where buses and taxis are available. From the village of Tirthhulli, Humbaj is 29 Kms away. There is a tar road upto the temple. From Bangalore via Shimoga this shrine is 340Kms away.

There is a dharamshala and guest house near the temple with all facilities and facility of meals also are provided.

Sri Humbaj Atishaya Jain Tirth Kshetra Mahakshetra,
Swasti Sri Devendra Kirti Swamiji,
Sri Humbaj Jain Math.
P.O. Humcha – 577 436
Dist : Shimoga , Karnataka
Tel : 08185-62722 (Pedhi)
        08185-62721 (Swamiji)