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Sri Chintamani (Giver of wealth on mere thought) Parshvanath Bhagwan in white color, seated in a lotus posture, of height 40Cms located in a shrine in the village called Gangani. (Shve).

It is said that this village was known in the distant past as “Arjunpuri”. Later it was called Ganganayak. This is believed to be a very ancient shrine. Once upon a time this was a large city. In Vikram year 1662, on Jyest Sukla 12, in this place near Dudhela pond, in the temple known as “Khokhar” from below its plinth level, 65 idols were found, to which a detailed reference has been made by poet Sri Samaysunderji Upadhyay in his poem, “Sri Gangani Mandan”. It has also been referred to in “Vir Vanshavali”. From among these idols, one of Sri Padmaprabhu Bhagwan was ceremoniously installed by king Sri Samprati in year 273 A.D. on Maha Sukla 8 at the benign hands of Aaacharya Sri Suhsastsurishvarji. Another one of white color of Sri Parshva Prabhu was believed to have been donated by Emperor Sri Chandragupta.

These idols are not found today and it appears possible that due to fears of invasion they might have been buried again under the soil. The Dudhela Pond and the Khokar temple exist even today. There is a reference that during 9th Vikram century, Shreshthivarya Bosat of the city named Upakesh renovated this temple. During 12th century Vikram century Bhuranto had got the repairs done to this temple. A further reference is available that during 14th century is available that during 14th century Shah Sonpal of Adityagan Gotra of the city of Osian had got the repairs done here. It is said that in 16th Vikram century the householder Jains of Bikaner, had got the repairs and renovations done. Besides this, several times such repairs and renovations done.  Besides this,  several times such repairs must have been carried out, the last one being is Vikram year 1982 of which there is reference available. There is an inscription on the idol of the Presiding Deity of Vikram year 1914. It becomes thus evident that during the repairs and renovations this new idol may have been substituted. In this very temple there is an idol cast in all metals on which an inscription dated Vikram year 937 is seen. This idol, it is believed works wonderful miracles. On the upper story of the temple on the idol of Sri Dharmanath Bhagwan there is found an inscription dated Vikram year 1684.

This shrine has a special attraction because there are located temple ceremoniously got sanctified, on by Emperor Chandragupta at the benign hands of Bhadrabahuswamiji known of fourteen Purvas and the other by King Sampriti at the equally benign hands of Arya Sri Shubhastisurishvarji. IN year 1662 the poet laureate Sri Samyasunderji Upadhyay has sung beautifully in detail about this shrine. Every year on Chaitra Krishna Saptami after Holi, a bog fair is held here when depictions on large places of thick cloth stitched together (Patta), of the life stories of Tirthankars and other personalities of prominence in Jain theology are exhibited for worship by Jain devotees. The two storied temple with its dome 70 feet high by its magnificence and antiquity acts as a powerful magnet which draws thousands of devotees here from far distant areas. No other temple is found here.

Nearby Railway stations Jodhpur is 36 Kms away. This shrine is located on Jodhpur-Bhopalgadh road. From Jodhpur, buses and taxis are available. The bus stand is only 250 Meters away from the temple. Buses and cars can go right away from the temple. This shrine if Osiyaji is around 35 Kms and that of Kapardaji is 60 Kms away from here.

There is a dharamshala for lodging with all facilities and a bhojanshala for meals.


Sri Jain Swetamber Prachin Teerth, Gangani
P.O. Gangani -  342 027
Dist : Jodhpur ,Rajasthan