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Sri Gautam Swamiji Maharaj by his Foot-prints in black color and of length 25Cms in a shrine about 3Kms far from Nalanda in a village called Kundalpur (Shve).

In ancient times, the village was also called Gubbargam and Vadagam. BothNalanda and Kundalpur were suburbs of Rajagrih. Lord Mahavir’s three main disciples, Indrabhuti, Agnibhuti and Vayubhuti who were brothers, were born in this place.

In year 410 A.D. when Chinese traveler  Fa-hi-an came t India, this was just an ordinary place. Thereafter, Kumar Gupt, during years 424-454 A.D. got constructed here a large math for the benefit of Buddhamonks. Then as a result of the formation of Nalanda University, this place became a vast world famous center to learn Buddha philosophy. The Chinese traveler Hu-an-sing who visited India during 7thCentury has described this University andit is believed that he lived here and learnt Buddha philosophy. It is alsi believed that this University was in existence till 13th Century.

Jainism prevailed here since the period of Lord Mahavir and thereafter for centuries, of which fact history is a great witness and important material to that end is likely to be available here if appropriate archaelogical researches and excavations are carried out. Lord Mahavir had met Goshal here. In the composition known as “Vividha Tirthmala” written by Sri Jinaprabhasurishvarji in 14th Century , this shrine is amply described. IN Vikram year 1565, Sri Hansasomji has claimed that there were 17 temples. Sri Saubhagyavijayji in year 1750 has stated that one temple, one stupa and several other temples in ruined conditions and without idols existed here.

Three out of eleven disciples of Lord Mahavir were born here. The land has become holy since it is the birth place of the chief disciple of Lord Mahavir who is the giver of all forms of prosperities. Lord Mahavir himself had visited this place many a time and as a result of listening to his sermons, countless beings have made their existence worthwhile by attaining to a higher state of evolvement on the path of their spiritual destiny.

In this Swetamber temple, ancient idols are beautiful, worth seeing and quiet artistic. In Nalanda University and its Museum,ancient idols of Jains and Stupas etc., are worth a visit.

There is one Digamber Jain temple in this village.

The Nalanda railway station  is about 3Kms on Bakhtiarpur-Rajagrih line. Nalanda ruins are 2Kms away from the station and from here half a kilometer far is found this shrine of Kundalpur.From Rajgrihi via Nalanda this place is about 14Kms away and from Pavapuri via Bihar-shariff, this is 26Kms awayand Patna is 85Kms away. From all these places autos and taxis are available.

Adjacent to the temple, 10 newly constructed rooms are there with all facilities. Devotees are provided with dry snacks. Shortly a bhojanshala will be constructed here.

Sri Jain Swetamber Bhandar
Sri Kundalpur Teerth
P.O. Nalanda – 803 111
Dist : Nalanda (Bihar)
Tel : 06112-81624