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Sri Mahavir Bhagwan in white color, seated in a lotus posture of height 120 Cms in a shrine located amidst mountains in a solitude jungle, almost 5 Kms away in a village called Ghanerao. (Shve).

The shrine is believed to be an ancient one but it is difficult to know how ancient it is. There is no inscription found on the idol. The last repairs and renovations carried out were in Vikram year 2017 and the idol was ceremonially consecrated in Vikram year 2022. This is one of the Godwal Panch Tirthi.

The miracles that happened here is very well know to the people. Once, when Maharana of Udaipur came here on a visit for worship, while doing Tilak on the Lord, he saw a hair on the bowl of the saffron paste and laughingly remarked that the Lord appears to have a moustache. The devout priest thereupon merely nodded in assent and said that the Lord did assume many forms from time to time according to his wish. The obstinate Maharana then expressed his desire to the priest that he wanted to have the sight of the Lord with his moustache and for that purpose he would stay there for three more days. Pleased thereafter by the extraordinary devotion of the devout priest, the Lord did appear with a moustache to the Maharana and from that day this shrine began to be called as Muchhala Mahavir.

Even today it is said that many miracles do happen here. Every year on Chaitra Sukla 13 a big fair is held at this shrine. This ancient temple surrounded by mountains on both the sides appears very beautiful. The shrine surrounded by mountains on two sides because of its ancient beautiful temple is a sort of festival in the forest. The halls, pillars and the circular path behind the inner sanctum all are full of the best specimen of art. There are no other temples nearby.

Nearby railway station of Falna is 40Kms away and that of Rani is 50 Kms away from where buses and taxis are available. Nearby village is Ghanerao which is 5Kms from here. State buses come upto Ghanerao. From Ghanerao taxis, autos and buses are available. Cars and buses can go upto the temple. From here Nadlayi is 16Kms, Ranak[pur 22 Kms and Sadadi 15 Kms away. From Sadadi taxis are available.  

For lodging there is a dharamshala near the temple with all facilities and a bhojanshala for meals is also available.

Sri Anandji Kalyanji Pedhi,  Muchhala Mahavirji
P.O. Ghanerao – 306 704,
Dist: Pali, Rajasthan
Tel:  02934 – 84056.