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Sri Mahavir Bhagwan in white color, seated in a lotus posture, of height 135 Cms, located in a shrine on a solitary spot in the jungle outside the village by name Korata (Shve).

There are several references in Jain scriptures about the consecration ceremony of this temple performed in “Brahma Muhurata” in “Dhan” conjunction on Thursday. Maha Sukla Panchami about 70 years after Nirvana of Bhagwan Mahavir at the hands of Sri Ratnaprabhsurishvarji disciple of Sri Swayprabhsuriji and grand – disciple of Sri Keshigandhar who followed Sri Parshvanath traditions, was himself a “Shruta Keavali” and a founder of “Osh” dynasty and belonged to “Upakesh Gachchha” born of the families of “Vidhyadhars”.

The “Ratna Pandit” Sri Dhanpal of the court of Raja Bhoj, in Vikram year 1081, has described this shrine of Korata in his composition entitled “Satyapuriya Sri mahavirotsaha”. In another composition entitled “Tirthmala” by poet Megh in Vikram year 1499 is also found the description of this shrine. Poet Megh was a contemporary of Sri Somsundersuriji of Tapagachchha. There is a reference available about the renovations carried out of this shrine in Vikram year 1728 as a result of discourse given by Sri Jai Vijaygani and about the ceremonial installation and consecration of the 2nd idol of Sri Mahavir Bhagwan on the disappearance of his first ancient idol. When the latter also was damaged, new idol was again ceremonially installed and consecrated at the hands of Sri Vijayrajdrasuriji on Vaishakh Poornima in Vikram year 1959. Ancient idol still exists in the outside hall. As mentioned in the volume entitled  “Updeshtarangini” in Vikram year 1252, many Jain temples were built here such as “Nahad – Vasahi” etc., by  minister Nahad were ceremonially consecrated by Vriddhadevsuriji. At that time  Korata was a principle city and the fame of its prosperity had spread even upto heavens.

Seventy years after “Nirvana of Sri Mahavir Bhagwan “Korantak” Gachchha was believed to have been founded here by Acharya Sri Kanakprabhsurishvarji a colleague of Acharya Sri Ratnaprabhsuriji. The founder of “Osh” dynasty Acharya Sri Ratnaprabhsuriji by his miraculous powers assuming two forms  simultaneously had ceremonially consecrated at the same auspicious period both the temples of Osiyan and Korata. In Vikram year 1252, Acharya Sri Virddhadevsuriji after giving religious discourses to ministers Nahad and Saling had brought them into the fold of Jainism. With them, thousand of other families had also become Jains.

The idol of the Presiding Deity Sri Mahavir Bhagwan is very attractive. Also the idols in the temple of Adinath Bhagwan located in village are ancient and worth seeing. Below the temple in a vault there is a museum, in which ancient arches of 13th Vikram century and many similar objects of art are preserved which also are worth a visit.

The nearby railway station of Jawaibandh is 24 Kms away. The nearby big town is Shivganj which is 13 Kms away. From both these places autos and taxis are available. Private buses and cars can go right upto the temple.

For lodging there is a dharamshala in the village opposite to the temple with all facilities and a bhojanshala for meals is also available.

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