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Sri Munisuvrat Swami Bhagwan seated in a lotus posture in a shrine in the middle of Tebhinaka in Thana near the metropolis of Mumbai. This shrine is also known as Konkan Shatrunjay Nav-pad Jinalaya (Shve)

Raja Shripalji, great and famous fro his devotion and invocation of Nav-pad Mantra known throughout the world, is mainly associated with this city. His marriage with Madansundari took place here. Because of its historic importance it is evident that in the past, the city contained numerous Jain temples. However, the ceremonial consecration of the present temple was performed in Maha Sukla 5 in Vikram year 2005.

The story is that Sripalji after being thrown into the sea by a very affluent Sheth Sri Dhaval of the city of Kaushambi was brought to the sea-shore here by a huge crocodile. As he was a great devotee of Nav-pad mantra, its power worked upon and influenced the local king Vasupal who after consultations with and on advice from his knowledgeable astrologers invited him with great respect to the royal court. Besides, he considered himself fortunate by offering to Sripalji in marriage his daughter Madanmanjari. Sripal was the son of Sri Sinharrath, king of Champapuri and after the death of his father when he was only five years old, on account of treachery and evil designs of his uncle  Sri Ajitsen he, as misfortune would have it, had to escape from the city with his mother Rani Kamalprabha.

A person becomes happy or unhappy because of his own deeds i.e. Karma. Proving the truth of this statement was Mayanasundari, an equally ardent devotee of Nav-pad Mantra and Jain religion, a person with a determined frame of mind, daughter of Raja Sri Pratipal, king of Ujjain who had married Raja Sripal  when he was suffering from the incurable affliction of leprosy and who by sincere and steady invocation of Nav-pad Mantra had cured him. King Sripal later returned to his city of Champapuri not only with nine wives but also with great pomp, wealth and fame and ultimately regained his kingdom after many adventures and trails of strengths. Even today people sing in the glory of Sripal and Mayanasundari for their own welfare in numerous folk songs.

Just opposite this temple, there is a temple of Sri Adhinath Bhagwan which was ceremonially consecrated in Vikram year 1943. In the temples are also large size patts made of marble on which are drawn and colorfully painted important and significant events from life stories of Raja Sripal, Raja Vikramaditya, Raja Samprati etc., which are worth seeing.

This shrine is on Mumbai-Poona road 24 Kms from Mumbai. From the railway station of Thana, it is at a distance of 1.5 Kms. There is a tar road upto the temple. Taxis, auto rickshaws etc., are easily available to reach the temple.

Nearby the temple is a dharamshala with all facilities. There is also a bhojanshala and an ayambilshala and a Rajasthan Panchayat Bhavan. Every Saturday and Sunday, pilgrims are also provided with dry snacks.

Sri Konkan Shatrunjay Bhagwan Munisuvrat Swami Nav Pad Jinalaya  
Sri Rishabhdevji Maharaj Jain Dharm Jain Temple and Gyati Trust.
Tambi Naka, P.O. Thana – 400 601
Dist : Thana , Maharashtra
Tel : 022-5472389/5475811