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Sri Vimlnath  Bhagwan in white color, seated in a lotus posture and of height 45Cms (Shve) and
Sri Vimlnath  Bhagwan in black color, seated in a lotus posture and of height 60Cms (Dig).

Both shrines located in a village by the name of Kampilpur.


It appears that in ancient times, this village was known as Kampliya, Bhogpur, Makandi etc., It was one of the main cities of Panchal Janapad which in turn was one of the 52 Janapads in which Bharat was divided by Bhagwan Sri Adhinath. This place has become holy because of the fout Kalnayaks viz, Chyavan, janm, Diksha and Keval Gnan of Bhagwan Sri Vimalnath the 13th present set of 24 Tirthankars of the present Cycle of Time took place here. There is a spot called “Aghatia Tila” here, where it is believed that Sri Vimalnath Bhagwan destroying completely his “Ghatia’ Karmas had attained Kewal gnan.

During the period of Sri Munisuvratswami the 20th Tirthankar of the present set of 24 Tirthankars, this place was ruled by the king Sri Padmanabh of the Ikshwaku dynasty who had later attained Keval gnan after taking Diksha. Brave, illustrious and religious minded 10th Chakravarti Sri Harishen who was born here also ruled here once upon a time. Digamber Acharya SrI Ravishen has stated that Chakravarti Harishen of this place was mainly responsible for honouring the land with so many Jain idols.

This place was the capital of king Drupad during the period of Sri Neminath Bhagwan, the 22nd Tirthankar. Draupadi the daughter of King Drupad ws married to the Pandavas. This sati Draupadi during the later period of  her life took Diksha and then had attained the state of Godhood while doing penance at the shrines of Mt. Shatrunjay. Sati Draupadi is one among sixteen illustrious pure women personalities of the Jain Hierarchy. Her praise is being sund not only by Jains but also by non-Jains.

In ages past, this was a huge and prosperous city of South Panchal. Its area circumference was 20 miles. In 18th century, Sri Saubhagyavijayji has referred to this city by the name of Pitiari. From relics obtained as a result of many excavations here, it appears that once there existed on this land numberless Jain temples. Today however the city has declined to the position of a drab, dull, small village where only one Swetamber temple and one Digamber temple exists. This Swetamber temple was consecrated in the Vikram year 1904 after renovatin. It is told that the Digamber temple was constructed in the Vikram year 549. Idols seen here in the temple belong to Kushan and Gupta period of time. They are very expressive and beautiful. Besides these, there is no other temple nearby.

Escavation work is going on for the past two years. It is tild that the idols and Mrattbhand of 2000 years earlier are found.

Every year popular festivasls are held in Swetamber temple on Posh Shukla 6 and in Digamber temple fro Chaitra Krishna Amavasya to Chaitra Sukla 3 and on Asoj Krishna 2.

By road Delhi is around 300Kms, Kanpur 180Kms, Agra 150Kms and Souripur is 160Kms away from this shrine. Nearby railway station of Kayamganj is 10Kms away where buses and autos are available. Cars and buses can go right upto the temple doors.

For lodging there are both Swetamber and Digamber dharamshalas with all facilities including bhojanshalas.

Sri Jain Swetamber Mahasabha, Sri Vimalnath Swami Jain Swetamber Mandir Pedhi
Post : Kampila – 207 505
Dist : Farukhabad.(UP)
Tel : 05690-71289

 Sri Vimalnath Digamber Jain Tirthkshetra Committee
 Post  : Kampila – 207 505
 Dist : Farukhabad (UP)
 Tel : 05690-71230