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Presiding Deity and Location :
Sri Adhishvar Bhagwan seated in a lotus posture in a shrine located in the outskirts of Kangda village situated at the confluence of River Ravi and Sutlej and in an old fort in the mountains close by.

This shrine is of the period of the present 22nd Tirthankar Sri Neminath Bhagwan. In scriptures, the many of the relics it has been referred to as Susharmapur. It is stated that during the Mahabharata War, king Sushramachandra who sided Duryodhana had invaded Viratnagar and having suffered there a humiliating defeat had come here and founded this city. He got this Jain temple built  and installed therein idol of Sri Adhinath Bhagwan. There is a reference to this fact in “Veyanath Prahasti” and in “Vignapti Triveni” composed by Sri Jaisagar Upadhyayji in Vikram year 1484.

The reference is also available of the old names of Bhimkot and Bhimnagar for this Kangda village. In “Vignapati Triveni” this place has been described as” Angadak Mahadurga”. Today it is also called “Nagarkot Killo”. It is believed that the present name of “Kangda” may have started during the rule of Moghul kings.

Sri Jayasagarji Maharaj has stated in his “Vignapati Triveni” composed in Vikram year 1484 it is stated that there existed four temples in this place. Thereafter in a composition named “Nagarkot Chaitya Paripati” in Vikram year 1497, it is stated that there existed here five temples. In other several Tirthmalas composed upto Vikram year 1634, it is stated that these temple existed there. In the course of time, it is possible that these temple may have been in ruins. At present there is only one temple where one can have a sight of the majestic large idol of Sri Adinath Bhagwan which  has been worshipped over centuries by the royal dynasty of Katouch.

As this shrine happens to have been constructed by King Susharmachandra during the period when Sri Neminath Bhagwan was alive it is of extreme significance. In ancient times, it is obvious that this was a large prosperous holy city and countless congregarion of Jains used to visit here on pilgrimages. Even today, fro available ruins of ancient temples, one is reminded of its glorious past. The royal Katouch dynasty has worshipped at this shrine for centuries. Thereafter for centuries this shrine remained in oblivion. Seeing a reference to this shrine  in the book named “Vignapati Triveni” found in the libraries of Patan, Muni Sri Jinvijayji after obtaining relevant information from Sri Vijayvallabhsurishvarji discovered it and that resulted in several Jain congregation once again coming here on pilgrimages fro Vikram year 1947. every year during the days from Falgun Sukla 13 to Falgun Sukla 15 a popular celebration is held here when thousands of devotees from Hoshiarpur and other nearby places come here and get absorbed in devotion.

This area is full of green valleys, snow capped peaks of Himalayas, rivers and murmuring springs. One has to himself see the natural beauty of Himalayas to enjoy. Specimen of old art lie scattered here in the ruins on an extensive scale. Iconographics art here is unparalleled. There is no other temple nearby at present.

From Kangda railway station, Jain Dharamshala is 1.5 Kms away where local buses for transport to this place is available. From a spot called  “Chungi” near the river, there is a foot-road which takes only seven minutes to reach the dharamshala which is adjacent to the fort. There is a tar road upto the dharamshala. From Hosiarpur this place is 102 Kms away where buses and taxis are available. From Pathankot by a railway train, one can go straight to Kangda. From the bus stand the shrine is 4 Kms away. From dharamshala, one can get “Carrying   chairs” (doli) to take one upto the temple.

For lodging, there is a dharamshala near the fort where water, electricity etc., are provided including bhojanshala for meals.

Managed By :
Sri Swetamber Jain Kangada Teerth Prabhandak Committee
P.O. Kangda  – 176 001
Dist : Kangda, Himachal Pradesh
Tel : 01892-65187