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Sri Parshvanath Bhagwan in black color seated in a lotus posture of height 90 Cms located in a shrine in the middle of the village of Bhupalsagar.  (Shve).

No evidence of the antiquity of this shrine is available. During latest renovations carried out at the present time, one old pillar was found with an inscription dated year 55 whereby it is surmised that this shrine existed prior to 1st Vikram century. It is also said that this temple was constructed in Vikram year 861 by Sri Khimsinch Shah and was ceremonially consecrated by Acharya Jayanandsurishvarji. It is assumed that perhaps this temple was renovated then and was consecrated again. A reference is found that the idol of Bhagwan Sri Parshvanath was installed and consecrated here by the hands of Bhattark Acharya Sri Yashobhadrasurishvarji in Vikram 10th Century. There is also a reference that on the Chaitra Krishna Amavasya in Vikram year 1326 Maharaval Sri Chachigdev after worshipping ceremonially and offering prayers to the temple of Sri Parshvanath Bhagwan had given to it as a  gift some substantial cash amount. In the circumbulatory passage behind inner sanctum of the temple inscription dated Vikram year 1303, 1341 and 1496 are found on a few idols.

According to mention found in “ Gurvavali” chief minister Sri Perhadshah of Mandavgadh had also built here a temple of Sri Parshvanath Bhagwan. In Vikram year 1321 when Sri Zanzanshah son of Sri Pethadshah went on a pilgrimage with a congregation of Jain householders to Sri Shatrunjay shrines, repairs and renovations to the temple of Sri Parshvanath Bhagwan here were started. It is stated further that Sri Zanzanshah built here a seven storey temple but today that temple is nowhere to be found. The present temple is believed to been constructed during Vikram year 1039 and on the idol there is a inscription of vikram year 1656. It is possible that during renovations, this idol may have been installed and consecrated. The last renovations have been carried out only recently and in vikram year 2033 on Maha Sukla 13, this ancient idol of the Lord was once again ceremonially installed and sanctified at the hands of Acharya Sri Sushilsurishvarji.

This temple, it is believed, was consecrated and sanctified ceremonially at the hands of erudite scholar Acharya Sri Yashobhadrasurishvarji, whose life time miraculous stories are well known to the public. One legend that is prevalent says that on the same day as the day on which this temple was sanctified by him, he had appeared in different forms at four places simultaneously and performed such ceremonies. Akbar Badshah is believed to have come here for a visit to the temple Minister Zanzanshah, son of Sri Pethadshah of Madavgadh with Acharya Sri Sharnasurishvarji and others during their pilgrimage  in a congregation to Shatrunjay shrines had come here to worship and offer prayers and it was at that time that Sri Zanzanshah was honored here as a “Sanghpati” (head of the congregation). The whole event has remained in the history of the Jains here as a memorable one. The idol is believed to be a remover of calamities and miraculous working. Every year on the Posh Krishna 10, the birth anniversary day of the Lord, a big fair is held here when thousands of devotees participate in ceremonial worship.

Besides this temple, no other temple exists here. Many ruins can be seen here from which ancient art can be enjoyed. If researches are undertaken in appropriate ways, it is possible to obtain many details of authentic history.

The Railway station of Bhupalsagar is approx 1 Km away from the temple. This place is 56 Kms from Chittod on Chittod-Udaipur road. The railway station is third next to that of Mavli junction. The local bus stand is 100meters from the temple. There is a tar road up to the temple where private buses and cars can go. One can reach this shrine via Kapasan from Chittodgadh and via Dabank from Udaipur.

In the temple courtyard, there is very large dharamshala with allfacilities and a bhojanshala for meals is also available.

Sri Jain Shvetamber Mirtipujak Sri Kareda Parshvanathji teerth Pedhi.
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