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Sri  Parshvanath Bhagwan seated in a lotus posture in yellow  color, and of height approx 71 Cms in a shrine located near a garden of Mandor Village. (Shve).

Mandor, as known today was well known as Mandovar, Mandivapur in the ancient times. It is said that Mandirishi’s ashram was located here and that is the reason this village is called Mandor or Mandviyapur. It is also said that this Nagar was established and founded byMaydanav. All said and done, the history of this place is quiet ancient and this city had the good fortune of being the capital city of Marwar.

According to the stone inscriptions found, Kings of Pratihar (Padihar) dynasty who ruled right from 8th century to Vikram year 1438 had their capital here.

It is said that Sri Kakkuk Nahadrai of the same Padihar dynasty got a temple constructed of Jineshvardev and handed over to Bharneshvar Gachha for maintenance on Wednesday, Chaitra Sukla 2 in Vikram year 918. References are found that Bahadrai had got temples constructed at Satyapur and Nadol as well and got them consecrated. Hence, it might be possible that Padihar dynasty ……. Jain religion otherwise they would not have constructed temples, consecrated them etc.

Till 15th Vikram century this place was very prosperous and lot of Jain families lived here, it is stated the sons and grandsons of Shreshthi  Sri Gaushal and Mahad of this place got the Vimal Vasahi temple of Abu renovated, according to references found. Hence these people and other Shravaks would have definitely constructed temples here too. Only the specimens, ruins and relics of those ancient temples are found scattered at few places, as found at present. It is possible that during the course of time, the temples would have been damaged.

At present, there are four Jain temples among which, the temple of Sri Parshvanath Bhagwan near the garden is the most ancient one. It is anyway not known who had built this temple and when. But according to the inscriptions on the idol of the Presiding Deity Bhandari Bhanaji of Oswal dynasty’s son Narayan’s son Tarachand had got the idol sanctified in the year 1723, on Magh Vadi Astami in the presence of Upadhayaya Kirti Vardhanji on the indication of Labdhi Kushansuriji of Devsuriji parampara belonging to Khatar Gachha, who lived during the time of Maharaja Jaswant Sinhji, Kunvar Pruthvisinh and Meghrah. Perhaps, the temple would have got renovated that time and consecrated again.

The history of this place is quiet ancient and also noteworthy. This place was the capital city of the Kings of Padihar dynasty. Apart from constructing temples they have also participated in the glorification of religion and various social welfares. Raja kakkuk Nahadrai of Padihar dynasty got a lot of temples built at various places. Raja Nahadrai was very pious, generous and he was a scholar too.

King of Jodhpur, Rav Jodhaji, founded Jodhpur in Vikram year 1515 after migrating from this place. Jodhpur is one of the famous cities of India today. The first Diwan of Jodhpur was also from Mandviyapur.

This being a very old place, lot of ancient artistic ruins and relics are found here. In the temple  the art is not of much importance and does not reflect the ancient art and style. In the fort, specimens of ancient art  is found.

Besides this, there are three more temples and a Dadawadi here. In the city of Jodhpur close by, there are 27 temples and 5 Dadawadis.

The railway station of Mandor is ½ KM away and the Jodhpur railway station is 9Kms away. Buses, taxis are available from these places. Cars, buses can go upto the temple. The nearest airport is that of Jodhpur. Pali is at a distance of 75 Kms, Phalodi Parshvanath 105 Kms, Phalodi is 120 Kms, Ajmer 230 Kms, Bikaner 270 Kms, Jaisalmer 275 Kms and Ahemdabad is at a distance of 455 kms from this place. All the modes of transport are available from the above mentioned places.


For lodging there is Sinh Sabha Dadawadi in the close proximity. At Bheru Bagh Mandir, Sardarpura Dasvi road, Dadawadi of Jodhpur, also there is lodging facilities with a bhojanshala too.


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