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Sri Adishvar Bhagwan and Tirthankar Sri Dharamnath Bhagwan, both in white color and seated in a lotus posture, in a shrine on the sea-shore near Kavi village. (Shve).

The ancient name of this place was Kankavati. The present temple of Sri Adishvar Bhagwan was repaired and renovated in Vikram year 1645 by Sri Gangadhar Gandhi and Batuk, son of Sri Ladik Gandhi, resident of Vadnagar and then, after ceremonial consecration hereof at the hands of Sri Vijaysensurishvarji was renamed as Sri Sarvajitprasad. Such a reference is available but those if any of the earlier period are not available. According to other available references, the temple of Sri Dharamnath Bhagwan was built in vikram year 1655 at the instance of Shrimati Virabai wife of Sri Kunvarji Gandhi, a successor of Sri Ladik Gandhi and was then ceremonially consecrated also at the hands of Sri Vijaysensurishvarji and was renamed as Sri Ratnaprasad Tilak. In the course of time, on several different occasions this temple too has been renovated.

Sri Sarvajit Prasad and Sri Ratnaprasad Tilak temple, it is said has been constructed by Mother in Law and daughter in Law. There is a legend that both Shrimati Hirabai and her daughter in law Sri Virabai went for offering prayers and worship to the temple called Sri Sarvajit Prasad and as the entry gate was small daughter in law’s head was hurt whereupon she complained to the mother in law, “ You have built a large temple with a very low and small entry gate”. In return, angry mother in law retorted, “ Bring money from your parent’s home and build the temple with a high and large entry gate”. The daughter in law, on the very spur moment decided to build such a temple. Immediately, the work on the new temple commenced and the work was completed with speed within a small period of only five years. The temple then was ceremonially consecrated also.

Every year of Magh Krishna 7, an annual festival is held here and on Kartik Poornima and Chaitra Poornima every year similarly the festival fairs are held there. There e is no other temple besides these two in the area. The art exhibited in building the Sikhars of Ratnaprasad temple is stupendously beautiful. Also the outside scenery is very attractive. The city of Khambhat on the other side of the sea appears from here quite enchanting.

The railway station of Kavi is just ¾ Km away from the temple. From Vadodara (Baroda), the shrine is 96 Kms and from Bharuch which is 80 Kms away, one can come here via Jambusar. Kavi is the terminus of this rail line. By road also one can approach Kavi from Vadodara or from Bharuch via Jambusar. From Vadodara and Bharuch however buses and taxis are available.

There is a dharamshala for lodging with all facilities and a bhojanshala for meals. 

Sri Rikhabdevji Maharaj Jain Derasar 
P.O.  Kavi – 392 170,
Dist : Bharuch ,  Gujarat.
Tel:     02644 - 30229.