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Sri Stambhan Parshvanath Bhagwan in blue color, seated in a lotus posture, of height 23 Cms in a shrine at Kharwad Moholla in the city of Khambhat (Cambay).  (Shve).

This was known in ancient times as “Trambavati City”. According to Jain religious canons, the history of this impressive idol of the Lord is very old. Many unusual and miracles like events have happened here between the period of 20th and 24th Tirthankars. Thereafter for the years, this idol remained hidden and unseen. IN Vikram year 1111, the Nav-angi (nine of the eleven “Angas” ancient scriptures of Jain religion) commentator Sri Abhaydevsurishvarji got a divine message and he composed in intense devotion a laudatory poem (stotra) entitled “Jayathihuana” sitting on the banks of river Shedhi whereby the Guardian Deity of the Jain order was pleased and invoked. As a consequence, this celestial and miracle working idol manifested from under ground at the place in the presence of many devotees According to one inscription on a stone in the present temple, the temple of “Stambh Parshvanath Bhagwan” was built in Vikram year 1165 at the instance of Bai Bidada, wife of Bela Sheth of Modh clan. In Vikram year 1360, the Jain community, according to one reference, built again a gorgeous temple at the same place and got the idol ceremonially installed amidst scenes of great enthusiasm.

In the course of time, on different occasions large renovations have been carried out here. The last one of these was in Vikram year 1984 when ceremonial consecration ceremonies were performed at the hands of Teerthoddharak Sri Nemisurishvarji.

This place was proud and ancient history, Kalikal Sarvagna Sri Hemchandracharya got his initiation into Jain order here in Vikram year 1150 and commenced his onward study of Jain scriptures. It is believed that at  that time a great number of millionaire Jain householder families lived here, Minister Udayan of Raja Kumarpal was a resident of this city and he had built a temple called after his name as “Udayan vasahi”. IN Vikram year 1277, the local chieftain Sri Vastupal had commandeered many Jain holy volumes to be transcribed on palm leaves here. Sri Vijayhirsurishvarji, Sri Somsundersurishvarji, Sri Vijaysensurishvarji  and many others not only had performed here consecration ceremonies of a great number of temples but also had composed many invaluable volumes of Jain religion.

Every year, on Falgun Sukla 3, an annual festival is being celebrated here with great joy and happiness.

Besides this temple, there are 16 other temples. There is also a temple in commemoration of Sri Hemchandracharya. In the temple of Sri Chintamani Parshvanath here, can be seen even today the ancient artistic idols and broken relics discovered from under the ground. The sight of such idols is rare anywhere else. The relics and ancient art specimen are found here also at various places.

At a distance of 1 Km from the temple there is the railway station of Khambhat, where taxis and autos are available. There is a tar road upto the temple. Khambhat is 80 Kms away from Baroda and Ahemdabad is 90 Kms away.

For lodging the following dharamshalas with all facilities are there near the temple :

1. Sri Jain Dharamshala and Bhojanshala
Dantarwada, Khambhat, Tel : 02698 – 20497.
2. Sri Bansilal Ambalal Jain Yatrik Bhavan
Manek Chowk, Khambhat, Tel : 02968 – 20117

Sri Stambhan Parshvanath Jain Mandir Trust, Kharwada
P.O.  Khambhat – 388 620,
Dist : Kheda , Gujarat.
Tel:     02698 – 21816 / 20221 / 25616.