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Presiding Deity and Location :
Sri Parshvanath Bhagwan in black color, seated in a lotus posture in a shrine in the village of Mahimapur, about 4 Kms away from Jiyaganj railway station. (Shve)

Once upon a time, this area was a part of Murshdabad. In the early years of 18th century, Murshid Kulukhan founded it and thereafter his son-in-law Shujakhan ruled the place.

Sheth Sri Mahatabraiji and his ancestors who hailed from Marwad and settled here had undertaken and carried out many activities of social welfare in this area and therefore in year 1749 he was honored with the title of “Jagatsheth”. This “Jagatsheth” has got built on the bank of the Ganga a grand temple out of gold-touch-stone (Kasoti) imported from abroad but later on account of floods in river the temple was dismantled. However, with the same stone present temple was built in year 1919 by one of the successors Sri Saubhagyamalji. The ancient icon was then once again installed here after due sanctification ceremony.

This is one of the important temples of “Panchtirthi” of Bengal. Since the day this temple was built in 18th century, it has remained thriving and prosperous. It is tild that at that time many affluent Jain families lived here. The name and fame of Sheth Mahatabraiji as “Jagatsheth” had spread far and wide even outside India. Utilizing his intelligence and wealth for the benefit of state, human welfare and glorification of religion, whatever activities he carried on were and still are, noteworthy. One of these was renovation of temples on Sametshikar. In a poem composition entitled “ Bangla Desh Ni Gazal” by the great Yati contemporary Sri Nihalchandji it is stated as seen with his own eyes that there was always a crowd of mendicants at and by  the residence of the Jagatsheth and no one went away dissatisfied i.e. without getting anything by way of alms. The Jagatsheth was greatly respected in the king’s court.

The icon of Tirthankar made out of “Kasoti” and the pedestal etc., looks in the temple quietly serene  and yet majestic. There is no other temple nearby.


The idol has been removed and temple dislocated. However, detail has been described only idol darshan and information.