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Sri Parshvanath Bhagwan in green color, in a standing posture, of height 420 Cms, located in a shrine near Unhel village on the bank of a flowing spring. (Shve).

The antiquity of this place is assumed to be 1200 years from the ruins and relics found scattered and the specimens found of this shrine. From the art and style of the icon it can be surmised that it is 1300 years old. It is also believed that this idol of Prabhu was made by Adishtayak Sri Dharmendra Dev during the life time of Prabhu Parshvanath. This ancient shrine was lying in a dilapidated condition and one Sanyasi was looking after it. The idol remained ceremonially un worshipped. All this came to the knowledge of the Jain community only a few years ago. At the instance and inspiration of Upadhyaya Sri Dharamsagarji Maharaj and Ganivarya Sri Abhaysagarhi Maharaj, the Jain community after giving through the required governmental procedure undertook the management of this shrine and started worshipping the idol ceremonially. The credit for bringing this shrine to the light of the public goes to Sri Dipchandji Jain and Vasanthilalji dangi.

Such a huge and ancient Swetamber Jain idol of Sri Parshvanath Bhagwan in a standing posture is difficult to come by anywhere else. When this idol was being offered prayers by Sanyasi baba even according to his form of worship, many events of miraculous nature used to happen due to which local people being attracted came here in large numbers. Even today, miracles very often happen here. The Guardian God is ever present here and in the form of a hooded cobra he appears frequently to devout pilgrims entwining the idol.

The art style of the icon is strikingly pleasing and there are two other idols in similarly standing postures of height 135 Cms on both sides thereof- one of Sri Shanthinath Bhagwan and the other of Sri Mahavir Bhagwan.

At present apart from this shrine, there is a Dadawadi and two Guru Mandir here nearyby.

The nearby railway station of A lot is 8Kms away and Choumahalla is 15 Kms away is on Delhi-Mumbai railway line. Nagada is 60 Kms and Ratlam is 90 Kms away from here. Buses, taxis are available from all these places. On advance intimation, the Pedhi arranges from vehicle for transport.  

For lodging there are guest houses but with inadequate facilities. Bhojanshala is also not there.

Sri Jain Swetamber Nageshvar Parshvanath Teerth Pedhi
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