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Sri Parshvanath Bhagwan in almond color, in a standing posture, of height 3.35 meters in a shrine on a mountain of middle height near the small village of Reshandigiri. (Dig).

This shrine is believed to be of a period contemporaneous to Sri Parshvanath Bhagwan. For centuries this shrine remained hidden and only about a hundred years ago on the indication given in a dream at night to Choudhari Shyamlalji, when excavations were carried out on this mountain an old temple was discovered, which is called Parshvanath Mandir. In am inscription on one of the walls, this temple is stated to have been built in Vikram year 1109. Ancient idols recovered from under the earth are also believed to be of this period. 

It is stated that even the “Samosaran” of Bhagwan Sri Parshvanath was held here and from among those saints who attended this “Samosaran”, Sri Munindradutt, Sri Indradutt, Sri Vardutt, Sri Gundutt and Sri Sagardutt and many others after practicing intense austerities had attained Moksha here. The idols of  all these five saints are installed in this temple Miracles happen here many a time. IN the middle of the flow of river and it is said that Sri Vardutt and other saints while practicing their penance on this rock attained their salvation. The rock is called “Siddhashila”. Every year between Magsar Sukla 13 to Poornima annual fair is held here.

Besides this, there are 40 more other temples on the mountain. At the base, there are 14 more, one of which is in the middle of a lake like the one in Pavapuri. It is called “Jalmandir” (lake temples).

The ancient idols discovered from under the earth and belonging to 12th Vikram century are all worth seeing. The natural beauty here and in the surrounding area is quite pleasing and attractive.

The nearby Railway Station of Sagar is 56 Kms away. The nearby large town of Shahgadh is 40 Kms and Vadsava 24 Kms away. At these places buses and taxis are available. There is a tar road upto the base of the mountain. The shrine is located of Sagar- Chhattarpur road.

There are three dharamshalas for lodging at the base of the mountain with all facilities and a bhojanshala are available.

Sri Siddhakshetra, Reshandigiri.   
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