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Sri Parshvanath Bhagwan in white color, seated in a lotus posture , of height approx. 58  Cms,  located in a shrine in the middle of mountains in a jungle that is 13 Kms from Balotra and one Km from Mewa Nagar.  (Shve).

It is said that in the distant past this place was known as Vikrampur. During 3rd BC two brothers named Sri Virsen and Nakorsen had founded after their names two cities viz. Virampur and Nakornagar. Sri Virsen having built in Vikrampur the temple of Sri Chandraprabh Bhagwan and Sri Nakorsen having built similarly in Nakornagar, the temple of Sri Suparshvanath Bhagwan had got them consecrated at the hands of Acharya Sri Sthulibhadraswamiji. Later Sri Suhasstishurishvarji who gave discourse to Sri Samprati Raja, Acharya Sri Siddhasen Divakar, the composer of “Bhakramar Stotra”, Acharya Mantungasuriji, Sri Kalkacharya, Sri Haribhadra-suriji. Sri Devsuriji and many other erudite and scholarly Acharyas having visited these shrines for pilgrimage and thus having inspired kings like Samprati, Vikramaditya and others got these temples renovated from time to time.

The city of Nakornagar continued to remain prosperous upto the end of 13th Vikram century. In Vikram year 1280, when Alamshah invaded this territory, the Jain community removing the idols from here kept them safe and well protected in a sanctum in the village of Kalidrah about 4 miles away. The badshah on finding the temples empty ordered their destruction. The people scared of their lives went away in self exile in the surrounding villages.

In Vikram year 909, the city of Vikrampur was proud to have within its boundary about 2700 wealthy Jain families. At that time it is said that Shreshthi Sri Harakhchandji had got the old temple properly repaired and renovated and then had installed after due consecration, the idol of Sri Mahavir Bhagwan. In Vikram year 1223, the temple was again renovated. In Vikram year 1280, Alam Shah  invaded this city too.

In early years of 15th century, the re-construction work of this temple was started again, out of 120 idols taken from Nakornagar to Kalidrah, this beautiful and miracle-working idol of Sri Parshvanath Bhagwan was then once again installed after proper ceremonial consecration in Vikram year 1429 in this reconstructed temple which exists today. This shrine was named Nakoda after the idol of the Presiding Deity which was brought from Nakornagar. According to another opinion, this idol was discovered from a pond near the village of Sindari adjacent to Nakornagar on the basis of indications given to a fortunate Jain householder named Sri Jinadutt in this dreams by the Guardian Deity of Jain order. The idol  was brought with gaiety and enthusiasm in a large procession taken out from the purpose and installed  here after proper sanctification ceremonies by the hands of Bhattarak Acharya Sri Udaysurishvarji in Vikram year 1429. from that day onwards this shrine is called Nakoda. In Vikram year 1511 when repairs and renovations were being carried out, the tutelary deity of Lord Parshvanath Sri Bhairavji was also ceremonially installed here at the hands of Acharya Sri Kirtiratnasuriji. It is believed that Sri Bhairavji gives blessing to Jain devotees and fulfills all their ambitions.

There is a reference that in Vikram year  1564, Seth Sadarang, great grand son of Seth Juthil of Chajjed Gotra belonging to Oswal dynasty had carried out here some repairs and renovations. In Vikram year 1638 also, large renovations were done. Great prosperity prevailed here till the end of 17th vikram century. Thereafter Sri Nanakji, brother of Shreshthi Sri Malasha Sanklecha being displeased and feeling unhappy at the general conduct of the local rulers and Prince decided to leave the territory for good. Thus heorganized a sangh to Jaislalmer along with all the Jain families and left the  village for good. There after the population went on decreasing  year by year and today there is not even one Jain family living. However, the management of the shrine which is  being carried out by the Jain community is noteworthy. It is stated that even in Vikram year 1865 some renovations to the temple were carried out, and as are found necessary, they are being still carried out from time to time.

The shrine is of great importance as it has been sanctified by and associated with the name of Acharya Sri Sthulibhadraswamiji. The ancient idol of Sri Parshvanath Bhagwan is believed to be a miracle working. The Guardian Deity Bhairavji Maharaj is ever present here. Everyday hundreds of devotees come here with their unfulfilled desires and they return happy and satisfied in spite of the fact that as stated earlier there is no home of any Jain householder in this area. However by the incessant traffic of the visiting devotees  the place looks like a busy city. Every year a great fair is held here on Posh Krishna Dasami which is the birth anniversary of Sri Parshvanath Bhagwan.

Here in the underground vault, old idols of the period between 12th and 17th centuries are worth a visit. The idol of the Presiding Deity is attractive and appealing in the extreme-so much so that those who come once spontaneously wish to come again. The shrine being located in the wild area amidst hills, hillocks and mountains has a solitude that is unique, and possess great natural beauty. Nearby there are temples of Sri Adishvar Bhagwan and Sri Shanthinath Bhagwan which are believed to be of the 16th-17th centuries.


The nearby railway station of Balotra is 13Kms away where  taxis and buses are available. To come here one has to take Jalore-Balotra road via Jasol. Direct buses run from here to Jodhpur, Sirohi, Falna, Desuri, Jalore, Badmer, Ranakpur, Pali, Udaipur and Ahemdabad. Bus stand is just outside the temple and there is a tar road upto the end.

There are eight huge Dharamshalas consisting totally 500 rooms with all facilities. For large congregation of pilgrims, there is a Sangh Bhavan fro lodging and at a Navkarsi Bhavan for meals with necessary vessels and mattresses. There is a separate bhojanshala where at a time 800 pilgrims can have their meals. Apart from meals, even dry snacks (bhatha) is also provided here. For handicapped people wheel chairs are also provided.

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