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Sri Mahavir Bhagwan in white color, seated in a lotus posture, of height 120 Cms in a shrine in the midst of village by the name of Nana.  (Shve).


This shrine is believed to be of a period  contemporaneous of Sri Mahavir Bhagwan, “Nana Diyana, Nandiya, Jiwitswami vandia” the popular saying is well known. This means thatin Nana , DIyana and Nandiya, one offers prayers to Jiwit Swami i.e. Living Divine Presence. From inscription found in the temple during Vikram years 1017 and 1659 it becomes evident that this place must have been a large city full of prosperity for centuries. When however, Nanawas actually was founded is difficult to know. The idol contemporaneous ot Sri Mahavir Bhagwan may have been substituted during one of the several renovations carried out here from time to time because on the present idol in the temple an inscription dated Saturday. Magh Krishna 9 in Vikram year 1505 is found which states that the idol was ceremonially installed on that day at the hands of Sri Shantisurishvarji.

This is the place where Nanakya Gachchha was founded and reference are there indicating that the Gachchha commenced before 12th Vikram century. This is the one of the shrines of Bamanwadji Panch Tirthi. The village of Nana was given  as a gift by Amarsinh Mayavir Raja to Sri narayan Mutha, one of the successors of minister Sri Tribhuvan, Narayan and also presented to the temple one well water drawing device called  “Sahrao”. At that time Acharya Sinhsuriji of the Upkesh dated Bhadrapad Sukla 7 in Vikram year 1659. This water drawing device is still under the control and authority of the Jain community. There is one more temple in the vicinity.

The idol here appears attractive and smiling which immediately captures one’s mind. The arches around the idol are particularly worth seeing.  Here also exists one stone plaque, outlining Nandishvar Dvip on which there is an inscription dated Vikram year 1274.

The nearby railway station of Nana is 2.5 Kms away from the temple where autos and taxis are available. Nana is 25 Kms away from  Bamanwadji. The access is via Sirohi-Pindwada Road.

There is a dharamshala here for lodging with all facilities.    

Sri Vardhaman Swetamber Jain Pedhi, Nana Tirth
P.O. Nana – 306 504
Dist : Pali ,  Rajasthan
Tel :   02933 – 45499