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Sri Mahavir Bhagwan in white color, seated in a lotus posture in a shrine at Pindwada.

A reference is available about the ancient name of this place beind Pindervatak. On the walls of the Navchowki of this temple, there is an inscription which states that the temple, there is an inscription which states that the temple was renovated completely on Falgun Sukla  7 in Vikram year 1465 by Shreshthi Sri Kunvarpal of great affluence, the father of Sri Dharanshah builder of the world renowned temples of Ranakpur and the minister Sri Limba. There is also a reference about one idol having been ceremonially installed in this temple by Sri Ratanashah and Dharnashah on the auspicious day of Magh Sukla 6 in Vikram year 1469. By the same brothers it is stated that this temple was renovated in Vikram year 1496. On one of the idols here, an inscription is found dated Vikram year 1229. It is believed therefore that this shrine must be of a period earlier than 12th Vikram century.

Here one can have the benefit of having sight of the idols, cast in metal and unequalled in art, of the ancient Gupta period after the destruction of Vasantgadh brought from here. These idols belong to the 7th or the 8th century. In the inner sacred most hall there are two magnificent  metal idols in standing posture on one of which there is an inscription dated Vikram year 744. Every year on Vaishakh Sukla 6 a flag is hoisted here on the mast of these idols.

The architecture of the temple is unique. Not only that, but also the iconography of the ancient metal idols of the Gupta period is unique. The sight of such idols anywhere else is rare. The less they are described the better it is for all concerned. It is recommended that the devotees should not miss the opportunity of having the sight of these idols.

Besides this temple, there are four other temples in the immediate vicinity here.

The nearby railway station of Sirohi Road is only 1 KM away where taxis, auto rickshaws etc., are available. The public bus-stand is only 200 meters from the temple. Cars can go upto the temple but the road being narrow, buses have to be parked at a distance of 200 meters from the temple. From this place Diyana is 50 Kms, Nana 20 Kms, Nandhiya 14 Kms and Bamanvadji is 8 Kms away.

For lodging, there are two dharamshalas one is opposite to the railway station and the other is in the town, where all facilities are available including that of a bhojanshala.

Sri kalyanji Shobhachandji Jain Swetamber Pedhi
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