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Sri Neminath Bhagwan seated in a lotus posture, in white color, of height around 51 inches in a shrine located in Mahalakshmi Chowk in Jamnagar city. (Shve).

Navanagar of ancient times is well known as Jamnagar today. This town was established in the 16th century. But the history of Sri Neminath BhagImage Updatewan’s idol is much more ancient.

The ancestors of Oswal Vanshraj Bhansali Gotra Sri Anand Seth and Abji Seth settled here during the establishment of this town. Their contribution and their involvement in the development of the town will always be referred in the history of Jamnagar.

Along with the establishment, many Jain temples were also built. As the need arised, renovation of the temples took place. It is referred that the major renovation took place in the Vikram year 1788.

The chief significance of this temple is that the main idol of Sri Neminath Bhagwan was worshipped by Sri Krishna Vasudev’s brother Sri Baldev. It was reconsecrated with miraculous events.

Another significance is that with many artistic temples in the same place, it is also given the title of “Ardh Shatrunjay Maha Teerth”.

It is said that while Sri Oswal Vanshiya Sri Mohansingh Seth traveled through water from Dwarika nagar to this place, his “Vaahan” clashed with a miraculous and attractive idol, for whose sanctification the construction of a Sikharbandh temple was started. But due to divine power, the entire day’s work got automatically dismantled in the night. This continued for many days. Disappointed and dejected, Seth started enquiring about this issue at many places, but in vain. Fortunately, Acharya Bhagwant Sri Dharmamurtisurishvarji visited the place. He was informed about this incident. To unravel the cause behind it, Acharya started Devi’s Upasana. Impressed with it, Sri Mahakali Devi appeared and informed that this powerful idol was consecrated in the house temple (Ghar Derasar) of a disciple during the time of Sri Neminath Bhagwan. Later it was worshipped by Sri Baldev in Sri Dwarika Nagari. During the course of time, due to ruins and destruction in Dwarika Nagari, the idol was worshipped by Gods (Dev’s) in the river. Later this was obtained by Mohanseth due to his good deeds (Punya). The idol was to be placed in the same form as was  sanctified in the house temple of the disciple. Hence, Mohanseth built a temple in a similar pattern and got it consecrated by Acharya Bhagwant Sri Dharmamurtisurishvarji in the year 1648, Magh Sukla Vasant Panchami. This idol is well known as Jeevitswami. The birth ceremony of Bhagwan’s is celebrated with pomp on Shravan Sukla Panchami, which is attended by thousands of Jains.

There are 15 more Jain temples, besides this, of which Sri Shanthinath Bhagwan’s temple built by Sri Vardhaman Shah in the year 1616 and Sri Shanthinath Bhagwan’s temple (also well known as Chowrivalu Derasar) built by Sri Rayshi Shah in 1624 are huge and artistic.

Jamnagar railway station is 3 KM away from the temple and the bus stand is just a Km away. All modes of transport are available from the station and bus stand.

There are many Dharamshalas with various facilities along with a bhojanshala.

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