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Sri Padmaprabhu Bhagwan in pink color seated in a lotus posture on a fully bloomed lotus flower of height about 67 Cms in a shrine outside a small village called Bada.

The history of the shrine is not old but as the wonderful and miracle-working ancient idol of Sri Padmaprabhu was discovered here buried in the earth, it is believed that the history of this shrine is ancient and also it is clear that there were temples around here.  On the auspicious morning of the Vaishakh Sukla  Panchami during Vikram year 2001, a peasant mother and her son while digging in their farm had a good fortune of first having sight of an idol were extremely happy and considered themselves very lucky. Erecting a small temple like structure on an adjacent mound, the family members installed this idol there where it remained for 18 long years. Thereafter in Vikram year 2019, this magnificent and large temple was constructed and the due ceremonies for installation and sanctification of the idol and the temple were performed. During that festival, the Head of the state of Rajasthan Sri Sardar Hukumsinh was also present.

Devotees started gathering here in large numbers since the day this idol manifested itself and the visiting pilgrims believed that those who suffered from visitations of evil spirits got immediately cured by coming and worshipping here. This belief later spread like wild fire and those desiring to visit the shrine went on increasing in number considerably.

Even this day, thousands of devotees throng the place experience fulfillment of their desires and ambitions. Countless numbers of people have till date benefited themselves. The magnitude of the structure as also its architecture is not found in any other temple in India and in these directions therefore it ranks as the first   throughout the land. Also the idol such as this one seated on a fully blossomed lotus is nowhere to be found. In the temple, there is an unique large circular meeting hall, which too can be found nowhere else. A small  roof erected where the idol first manifested in the farm and the mound where the idol thereafter remained for 18 years can be still seen.


The nearby railway station is Shivdaspura (Padmapura) on Jaipur-Savai Madhopur branch line 5 Kms away. This place falls in Jaipur-Kota broad gauge railway line and on NH-12. From Shivdaspura also accessible from Jaipur-Tank main road via Shivdaspura. There is a tar road right upto the temple and buses, cars etc., can go upto the temple doors. Jaipur is 34 Kms from here.

There is a large Digamber Dharamshala for lodging where all facilities including that of a Bhojanshala are available.


Sri Digamber Jain Athishay Kshetra Padmapur
P.O. Padmapura (Bada) – 303 903
Dist : Jaipur, Rajasthan
Tel : 01428-7225/ 7210