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Sri Padmaprabhu Bhagwan in almond color, seated in lotus posture and of height 75Cms in a shrine on the bank of Yamuna river in the village called Pabhusha on a hill. (Ancietn Icon, Dig)

According to Digamber traditions, the two Kalnayaks viz Diksha and Keval Gnan of the present 6th Tirthankar SriPadmaprabhu Bhagwantook place here and made this land holy.  Once upon a time, on this land there stood a beautiful garden of the city of Kaushambi. Inscription of the period before Christ are found here and the icon is also believed t be ancient. It is believed thatonce the royal worshipper of Kaushambi had an indication in his dream that in the nearby well, there was lying anancient icon of Sri Padmaprabhu Bhagwan and that after duly extricating the same it should be installed at the appropriate place in the temple. On the basis of the dream, the icon was accordingly found and it was installed in this temple after proper ceremonial sanctification. This icon is still existing in the temple.

A portion of this hill once fell apart and damaged the temple. Strangely enough, the icon was not touched at all. Sri Padmaprabhu Bhagwan had his two kalnayaks in the garden here, one of the Diksha and the other of attaining Keval Gnan after intense meditation and therefore the greatness and importance of the place  is beyond description as per DIgamber traditions. There is also a legend that after the city of Dwarika was destroyed by fire, Sri Krishna and Balaram, the two brothers came to this garden. Once when Krishna was taking rest under a tree on this hill, an arrow discharged by Jaratkumar accidently struck his feet and proved fatal. Sri Krishna instantly died thereafter. As per another legend this incident occurred at Mangi Tungi in Maharashtra. Pabhosha is also believed to be shrine of miracles. The color of the icon varies from morning to evening. Sometime during night there is rain of saffron drops. It is said that on Chaitra Poornima and Kartik Sukla 13, this saffron color rain drops appear plentiful. Every year a festival is held on Chaitra Poornima and thousands of devotees gather at that time for worship of the Lord.

In the area round about this place, icons and other ancient objects are often found which relate to Jain religion. Probably, the idols of the ancient  period  found here belong to the period of the kings of SHunga and Mitta dynasties. Besides this, there is no other temple nearby.

The nearby Railway station of Allahabad is 65Kms away, from via Manori-Manjanpur and tewa, buses and jeeps can reach here. The village nearby is 3Kms from here that of Giraju, Kaushambi is 8Kms from here via Pali, but this is not a concrete road. Buses and cars can go till the base of the mountain. To ascend the hill about 175 steps are made that can be climbed easily.

Adjacent to the temple, there is a Dharamshala and a big hall with all facilities. Even a bhojanshala , where on advance information food is made ready, is also available.

Sri Padmaprabhu Digamber Jain Atishaya Tirth Kshetra.
P.O. Giraju – 212 214
Dist : Kaushambi (UP)
Tel : 05331-66144.