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Sri Adhishvar Bhagwan in black color, seated in a semi-lotus posture, of height 120 Cms in a shrine in a middle of a large walled compound in village Puzhal, 15 Kms away from the city of Chennai on Chennai – Kolkota grand truck road (Shve).

This shrine is believed to about 2500 years old. Archeologists have placed the period about 1500 years.

Colonel Mckensize, an eminent land- surveyor has pointed out in his studies and research that Raja Kurrmbar, a Chola ruler king of this area got this temple built and that his successors were devout followers of Jain religion. It is said that at some time this was the capital city of Jain kings and it was called by the name of “Pudalkotalam” From the style itself in which the idol was made, the antiquity of this shrine becomes evident.

This is a very ancient shrine of Tamil Nadu state. The idol here being impressive and beautiful like the one in Kesariaji Shrine (Rajasthan), this is also popularly know as Kesarwadi.

Swamiji Sri Rikhavdasji, a self realized soul also passed his later portion of life in austerities and literary activities here.  The present popularity of the shrine is mainly due to him. He left no stone unturned and spared no efforts to adequately carry out repairs and renovations to this temple and to add to the comforts and conveniences available to the pilgrims visiting this shrine. All credit goes to his that such an increase in the number of devotees as is seen today has taken place.

The ancient idol of Sri Padmavati Devi here is extremely impressive. She appears both vivid and alive and all faithful devotees by offering their prayers to her get all their wishes and ambitions fulfilled.

Every year on Kartik and Chaitra Poornima and on Vaishakh Sukla 3, thousands of devotees gather here to offer their fervent prayers. Several groups and congregations of Jain householders from far off places come here on a pilgrimage. Except this temple, there is no other temple nearby.

The idol of the Lord from the point of view of ancient art is very beautiful. On the idol is a triple. Umbrella , on the sides are standing two Indras with fly whisks (Chamars) in their hands, besides there are creepers and Ashok tree carved on a single stone, all this is intensely pleasing to the eyes and mind.

In the upper portion of the temple is the Sikhar there is an idol of Sri Parshvanath Prabhu which has a benign smile and looks surprisingly compassionate.

Nearby there is a large lake, water from which is used for drinking in the city of Chennai. Around here there are small and large hills of red clay because of which the village in the area is known as Redhills.

The nearby railway station is Chennai which is 15 Kms away, where buses and taxis are available. The nearby village is red hills which is 2 Kms away. The shrine located about 200 meters inside is on the Chennai-Kolkata grand truck road. Buses and cars can go upto temple and even parking facilities are there in temple compound.

In the compound of the temple, there is a dharamshala newly constructed blocks for lodging with all facilities and a bhojanshala fro meals with an Ayambilshjala for “ayambils” are available. At a time 800 pilgrims can be accommodated in this huge dharamshala. Separate arrangements can be made for pilgrims in congregation for meals etc.

Sri Adeeswar Jain Swetamber Mandir Trust
37, Gandhi Road,
P.O. Puzhal, Chennai – 600 066, Tamil Nadu
Tel : 044-26418577 & 26418292.