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Sri Lord Mahavir Bhagwan by his Foot-Prints in all four directions , in white color and of length about 15Cms, in a shrine near Barakar village  on the banks of Barakar river (Shve)

Present Barakar river was named RujuBaluka in ancient times.  According to Swetamber scriptures, Lord Mahavir attained Keval Gyan during the later part of the auspicious Vijay Muhurta of Vaishakh Sukla 10 under a Shal tree in the farm of a peasant named Shyamaka on the bank of the river Rujubaluka near the small old Vyavrutta shrine outside the skirts of the village called Jambhiya.

Today a village named Janaka exists which is about 4Kms from this spot. Also a forest full of Shal tree is found there. Ancient name of Janaka is Jambhiya. According to one opinion widely held, another village called Jamui which is 56Kms from Rajgiri is Jambhiya and the river nearby which is known as Kwil is really Rujubaluka but there is no definite evidence available in this regard.

During 16th Vikram Century Sri Hansa Soma Vijayji, during 17th Vikram century Sri Vijay Sagar Vijayji and Sri Jay Vijayji have in their respective Tirthmalas given full description of this place. In them there is no difference of opinion about the name of villages, rivers etc., Only the distances shown are different. It is possible that at various times, the road of access to this place may have changed and that may have caused this differences but as has come down through the centuries that Lord Mahavir attained Keval Gnan at this spot., it is but appropriate to believe that this is that same spot.

From various stone inscriptions, it is found that the last major repair work was carried out here during Vikram Samvat 1930.

On account of Lord Mahavir’s twelve years’ intense penance and his attaining Keval Gnan , this place has become holy. The importance is just indescribable.

The scene of the temple situated on the bank of the river is very pleasing. The artsmanship also is impressive. In this river an ancient idol of Lord Mahavir of exquisite beauty was found and this idol is at present installed in the temple. There is no other temple nearby.

The nearest railway station is Giridih that is 12 Kms away from here, on Giridih-Madhuban road. On Giridih-Madhuban-Sametshikar road and from Giridih buses and taxis are available. From Madhuban, the place is 18Kms away. Buses and cars can ply right up to the temple.

For lodging only, a dharamashala is available where amenities such as water, electricity etc., are provided.


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