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Sri Neminath Bhagwan seated in a lotus posture in black color of height 59 Cms in a shrine located in the Jain colony in Rantej village.

The history of this place is believed to be 2500 years old. As per the inscriptions on the ancient idols and remains, it looks like it was a big huge city and was well known as Ratnavali Nagari. There were also many Jain temples once upon a time.

The present temple was buried in the earth which  on divine indication while digging. It got renovated in Vikram year 1100 and is referred that the last renovation took place in Vikram year 1980. Apart fro being antique the temple is also miraculous. The temple itself emerged out of miracles. In Dhanpura village, which is about 5 Kms away, a shravak on divine indications in his dreams, found this huge temple while digging. But the idols were missing later Adishthayak dev impressed with the “Atham Tap” done by the shravak indicated that the idols were present near the house of rabari located in the eastern side of the village. Accordingly 18 idols were found there. Out of them a spectacular idol  coated with the pearl paste for protection, was of Sri Neminath Bhagwan which was sanctified as the prime idol in the temple. Other idols were installed in the sanctum sanctorum and in small shrines outside.

There is an old cellar in the 34th cubicle of the parikrama, which extends till Sri Hemchandra-charya’s Upashraya near Panchasara temple in Patan, via Modhera. Many ancient Parikar were found here out of which only two parikars with Vikram year 1100 and 1300 in striped on them are present in the Parikruma. The rest have been sent to the Kadambgiri Teerth.

Many ancient idols were also found of which a radiant idol of Sri Mahavir Bhagwan was discovered through a miraculous event from the underground of a Patel’s house. Apart from it many miracles happened and are still happening. For example, loss of eyesight of thieves regaining of eyesight son after praying, seeking darshan of Nagdev very often oozing of “ami” which the sanctification of the idol of Padmavati Mata etc.,

The Dhwaja ceremony takes place in Magh Sukla 13 every year. Besides this, there is no other temple.

The architectural work of the ancient idols obtained from the underground are significant and worth seeing. Of which, a highly miraculous idol of Saraswati Mata made of a single stone of height  111 Cms is strikingly beautiful.

The nearby Railway station is just 1 Km from the Rantej temple. Modhra is 20 Kms away from here.. Bhoyani 25 Kms away, Mehsana 30 Kms away, Sankeshwar 40 Kms away and Gambhu 28 Kms away. All facilities are available at these places. The nearest airport is Ahemdabad which is 100 Kms away.

There is a dharamshala with all facilities to stay along with a bhojanshala also.

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