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Sri Ravan Parshvanath Bhagwan along with Parikar seated in a lotus posture in white color of height approx 35 cms (Height of idol alone) in a shrine located in Birbal Mohalla of ALwar city (Shve).

The antiquity of this place is believed to be that of the time of Tirthankar Sri Munisuvratswamiji Bhagwan. References are found at many places that Lankapati Sri Ravan and Mandodari worshipped Jineshwar Bhagwan at various places after creating the idol. According to one reference Sri Ravan and Mandodari were traveling by “viman” to some place. Enroute they halted near Alwar for taking rest. They used to do “Pooja” before taking meals.  Incidentally they forgot to carry the idol of Prabhu and hence Mandodari had to make an idol out of sand with full  devotion. They performed “Pooja” on this idol and this is the idol which is today well known as Sri Ravan Parshvanath. Because of this, this shrine is called as Sri Ravan   Parshvanath.

According to a reference, the temple of Sri Ravan Parshvanath existed here in Vikram year 1449. Reference of Sri Ravan Parshvanath Mandir is also found in various Tirthmalas composed later. From this the antiquity of this place is known. In Vikram year 1645, the temple was renovated and the ancient idol of Sri Ravan Parshvanath was consecrated which exists here at present.

A Jain Mandir in dilapidated condition exists even today at about 4 Kms from this place which is called “Ravan Dehra” )Sri Pavan Parshvanath Jain Mandir). Due to some political, religious and social reasons it was necessary to change the location of the place. From all the above information, the antiquity of the place is easily known.

Apart from being ancient, this shrine is of great historical importance. The chief devotee of Jineshwar Bhagwan Lankapati Sri Ravan, who would be the 24th Tirthankar in the future set of Tirthankars, and Mandodari, had built here an attractive idol of Sri Parshvaprabhu and got it consecrated. The shrine is now called as Sri Ravan Parshvanath.

At present besides this temple, there is one more temple and one Dadawadi. All the ancient idols in the temple, including that of Sri Ravan Parshvanath, are carved out artistically and are beautiful. The art of the specimens  found in the above referred dilapidated temple is very impressive.

The station of Alwar and the bus stand are approx. ½ Km away from the temple. Cars and buses can go upto the temple. All kinds of transport are available in the city. From this place, Mathura is at a distance of 110 Kms, Bharatpur at 110 Kms, Jaipur at 151 Kms and Delhi at a distance of 165 Kms. From all these places, conveyance is available. The nearest airport is that of Delhi, Jaipur and Agra.

For lodging, there is a Dharamshala in Birbal Mohalla, close to the temple, with all facilities. Bhojanshala is soon going to be started here.

Sri Ravan Parshvanath Jain Swetamber Mandir,
Sri Jain Swetamber Murtipujak Mandir Trust
Birbal Ka Mohalla,
P.O. Alwar – 301 001,  Rajasthan
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