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Sri Adishvar Bhagwan in a standing posture of height 9.14 meters in a shrine on the banks of river Urvani and Leelavati and at the foot hills of Vindhyachal mountains near the small village of Thuvoun.

The ancient relics found here reveal that at one time, this must have been a large Jain city containing numerous Jain temples. There is a reference available about Sheth Sri Pannashah having built here a Jain temple in 12th century. Other temples are built at a later period. This gives one an idea that for centuries this must have remained an area of great prosperity and affluence. Temples made in this manner will not be found anywhere else in India where idols are taller than the temple. A complete view of the idol is impossible from the entry gate of the temple because almost half the height of the idol is below surface-level of the entry gate. It appears that the idol was installed before the Sikhar was constructed. It is said that during some midnights during the months of Falgun, Ashadh, Shravan and Bhadrapad vocal music and sweet instruments played and rendered by divine beings in the temple that remain invisible are heard as if they are offering prayers with intense faith and devotion. Villagers  from the surrounding area often visit this shrine and with great faith and devotion offer fruits and flowers at the feet of the idol. According to them, all their wishes get fulfilled by their sincere worship.

Besides this temple, there are 26 more Jain temples here.

Natural beauty of this area surrounded by rivers is indescribable. Also ancient sculpture art displayed here is unique having a place of pride of its own. Idols in all temples are in standing postures showing different moods and expressions. This is an unprecendented example of master craftsmanship.

The nearby Railway Station of AshokNagar is 30 Kms away from the shrine. From here, Lalitpur is 50 Kms away. One desiring to visit this shrine from Lalitpur, has to come via Rajghat Bandh and Chanderi. Chanderi is about 18 Kms away from here. Buses and taxis are available from here.

There is a dharamshala for lodging near the temple with all facilities and a bhojanshala for meals is available.

Sri Digamber Jain Atishaykshetra, Thuvounji 
P.O. Thuvounji – 473 331  
Dist :  Guna ,  Madhya Pradesh
Tel:     07547 – 56209 / 56210.