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Sri Adinath Bhagwan, in sky color (piroji) seated in a lotus posture, of height 107 Cms in a shrine which is 5 Kms from village Kukshi on Khandwa-Vadodara road. (Shve).

This city was known in ancient times as Tarapur, Taranpur, Tungiapattan etc., on one of the idols in this temple, there is an inscription in which it is stated that the idol was ceremonially installed at the instance of Shahchandra on Chaitra Sukla 5 in Vikram year 612 at the hands of Acharya Sri Jagachandrasurishvarji. In this connection it is also stated that in Vikram year 1898, one farmer discovered in his field ancient idols which were later installed by Swetambers and Digambers in their respective newly built temples.

There is a Swetamber Jain temples of Sri Godi Parshvanath Bhagwan nearby and according to an inscription found on the idol in that temple, Shashan Prabhavak Acharya Sri Bappabhattasuriji ceremonially installed the idol of Sri Godi Parshvanath Prabhu in Vikram year 1022 which too was discovered accompanied by many miraculous events in Vikram year 1928 from a stepped well i.e. Vav.

The idol is made of such hard sky color (piroji) stone are rarely to be found anywhere else. A description is available about the temple having been built here by minister Pethadshah of Mandavgadh in Vikram 13th century. Sri Paramdevsuriji during his stay here in one of his Chaturmas had written a book entitled, “Sri Mahavir Jina Shraddhakulak” in 16th Vikram century. From all there it is clear that for centuries, the whole area may have continued to remain as a large flourishing city of Jain full of Jain shrines. Many ancient stepped wells and a very large, extensive pond, are still existing here.

The blue-colored idol which is both ancient and impressive, of Godi Parshvanath Bhagwan at nearby temple has its eyes and forehead-sign engraved in the stone instead of being affixed externally and this is its unique feature. The ceremonial reinstallation and consecration of this idol was performed by Shrimad Acharya Sri Rajendrasurishvarji in Vikram year 1950. On Kartik and Chaitra Poornima every year an annual festival fair is held here when thousands of devotees gather to offer prayers and to make their lives fulfilled.

Adjacent to the temple near Kukshinagar village, there is one other Digamber  Jain temple also. The temple described in Para just above is a Swetamber temple in the village of Kukshinagar itself. The place being ancient and of historical significance, many ancient relics and art pieces can be found here not only in temples but also at spots around the village in the jungle.

The railway station nearby the shrine is Mahu which is 161 Kms, Baroda 200 Kms, Indore 175Kms, Lakshmani 40 Kms and Mohankheda is 40 Kms away, where taxis and buses are available. There is a tar road upto the temple.

Nearby to the temple, there are Swetamber, Digamber dharamshalas and a huge vihar named Rajendra Jayantsen with well equipped dharamshala is present where a bhojanshala is also available.

1. Sri Parshvanath Rajendra Jain Swetamber Pedhi
P.O. Talanpur – 454 331,
Dist :  Dhar , Madhya Pradesh.
Tel:     07297 – 33306

2. Sri Talanpur Digamber Mandir Pedhi
P.O. Talanpur – 454 331,
Dist : Dhar, Madhya Pradesh