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Sri Adishvar Bhagwan seated in a lotus posture, of white color located in a shrine in the village called Aayadh about 1 Km from the city of Udaipur ( Shve).

It is said that the ancient names of this place were both Aahad and Aagat. From Stone inscriptions it is found that during 10th Vikram century king Sri Alluraj (Allaat) who received discourses on the Jain religion from Sri Balibhadra-surishvarhji, disciple of Bhattarak Acharya Sri Yashobhadrasurishvarji ruled here. A reference is available that Acharya Sri yashobhadrasurishvarhi performed consecration ceremony here of the temple of Sri Parshvanath Bhagwan before Vikram year 1029. The temples existing here have been mentioned in a composition entitled “Satyapur Mandan Mahavirosaha” by poet laureate of the age Sri Dhanpal who lived during 11th Vikram century. A reference is also found about a householder Jain named Sri Hemchandra having commissioned the transcription on palm leaves of all Jain agama-s (Scriptures) during the rule of king Sri Jaisinh in Viram 13th century. Even thereafter many Acharyas have set their feet on this place. This temple is believed to be of 12th Vikram century. The last repairs and renovations carried out on this temple were in Vikram year 1995 and the ceremony of consecration was performed then by Acharya Sri Vijaynitisurishvarji. The temple is right now getting renovated again.

The body of queen Hariyadevi wife of the local king Sri ALluraj which was afflicted by a dangerous disease called “Revati” was made perfectly notmal and healthy here by a total curing of disease by Acharya Sri Balibhadrasurishvarji who was camping at Hathundi. Being impressed with the event both king and queen accepted Jainism as their religion with great joy and enthusiasm and their minister thereafter built the temple of Sri Parshvanath Bhagwan, the sanctification ceremony of which was performed by the hands of great erudite scholar Acharya Sri Yashobhdrasurishvarji whose disciple was Sri Balbhadrasurishvarji. In the 13th Vikram century Acharya Jagchandra-surishvarji having practiced intense austerities here was honored by the king with the title of “Tapa”, since then “Tapagachchha” came into existence. The Acharya had defeated several “Vadis” in debates relating to the meanings and interpretations of scriptures and therefore the king had also honored him with a further title of “Hirala”.

Besides this temple, there are four other temples here, of which three are believed to be of 12th VIkram century. In once of the temples, there is an idol of Sri Jagachandrasurishvarji also.

There are totally 44 temples in thenearby city of Udaipur. Out of these, the temple of Tirthankar Sri Padmanab Swami, the first of the future set of 24 Tirthankars, is the only temple of its kind which is quiet ancient and very pleasing. Facilities of lodging and boarding are available here.

Nearby Railway Station for this place is Udaipur which is only 1 Km away where taxis and autos are available. There is a tar road up to the temple. Buses, cars can go up to the temple. There is a direct train from here to Delhi, Ahemdabad and Jaipur. Nearest airport is that of Udaipur.

For lodging, there is nothing available. It is advisable to halt at Udaipur and visit this place.

Sri Jain Shvetamber Aayadh Mandir Pedhi
Opp. Police Chowki, Aayadh  
P.O. Udaipur – 313 001, Rajasthan
Tel :    0294- 421637
            0294-526570 (Chowghan)
            0294-420462 (Hathi Pole Dharamshala)