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Sri Chintamani Parshvanath Bhagwan in black color, seated in a lotus posture, of height 105 cms in a shrine in Jain Mandir Gali in the village of Unhel. (Shve).

The ancient name of this place was Toran. It is said that when in Nagda, King Jamnejay performed his snake-yagna, he erected  four gates with arches in all four directions, one of which was here. Later when a city was  founded, it was therefore named as Toran (an arch). The name must have been changed to the present one during the Muslim period.

From the style of the art displayed on the idol and from available relics here of the 10th and 11th Vikram centuries, it becomes evident that this shrine must be of a period earlier than the 10th Vikram century. Some relics are found also of the Gupta period which prove the antiquity.

Like many shrines, this shrine too must have undergone renovations several times. The last renovations were done in Vikram year 1700 by the members of Sri Unhel Jain community.

Not  only the shrine is an ancient one, it also is an unusual one in the sense that it works miracles. During festival days of special significance, in this shrine sound of various musical instruments synchronizing with devotional songs and poems are heard in nights. One feels as if the “Arati” of the Lord is being performed by some invisible divine beings from heaven. About five years ago, Ami appeared flowing from the eyes of the idol. Some devotees cleaned the eyes by wiping off this Ami and yet the flow had continued. It is also said that devotees by worshipping the idol here, get their wishes fulfilled and that there are many indications still available of different kings of miracles often happening.

The art displayed in making the idol is unique in as much  as on both sides of Cobra’s hood, images of Indra Maharaj are carved which possibly is not seen anywhere else.

There is no other temple here besides this one.

From Unhel village, the railway station of Unhel on Ujjain-Ratlam road, is 10 Kms away where taxis are available. From Ujjain, Unhel is 30 Kms, 22 Kms from Nagda and 75 Kms from Nageshwar Shrine away. Buses are available from Ujjain and Nagda Junction stations.

There is a dharamshala near the temple with all facilities. On advance intimation meals can also be ready.

Sri Parshvanath Jain Swetamber Murtipujak Sangh Ki Pedhi, Unhel
P.O.  Unhel  – 456 221 
Dist :  Ujjain  , Madhya Pradesh
Tel:     07366 – 20258 / 20237 (P.P).