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Sri Adhishvar Bhagwan in white color, seated in a lotus posture and of height 1.07 meters in a shrine near Vamaj village. (Shve).

The style of art employed in creating the idol appears to be of the period of Raja Samprati but to know real antiquity of the shrine is very difficult. It is said that at that time, this shrine was widely known and that from here upto Sherisha there was an underground passage. Even today at various spots in the area ancient ruins and their relics are visible. So it can be stated that once it must have been large city.

In the composition entitled “Aloyan Vinanti” of Vikram year 1562 of post SrI Lavanya Gani, this shrine and its Presiding Deity have been referred to. Later history is difficult to be known.  In Vikram year 1979 this idol was recovered from under the ground in local mohalla of Kanbis (Patels). There is no inscription on the idol. The idol was ceremonially installed in the newly constructed magnificent temple on Vaishakh Sukla 13 in Vikram year 2002 at the hands of Sri Vijay Udaysurishvarji. The idol was remained invisible and buried for several years in the earth before installation in Vikram year 2002. It is said that one Sanyasi Mahatma had got an indication about there lying buried here an idol of the Lord and based on this indication when the search was made, the idol did appear at the spot indicated which was installed as Adishvar. Seeing miracles performed by this impressive idol, devotees started visiting this shrine in great numbers. Many miracles did take place and even today miracles do happen.

At present there is no other temple here besides this one.

The nearby railway station of Kalol is 6 Kms away where taxis and buses are available. Between Ahemdabad and  Kalol, from the main road there is Adarej 8 Kms away and from there Vamaj is 5 Kms far. Buses and cars can go upto the temple From this shrine Sherisa is around 10 Kms and Ahemdabad 30 Kms away.

For lodging there is a small dharamshala but except water and electricity, no other facilities are available. It is advisable to stay at Sherisha Teerth and then come here.

Sheth Anandji Kalyanji Pedhi 
P.O.  Vamaj – 382 721
Dist : Gandhi Nagar,  Gujarat.