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Sri Adishvar Bhagwan in white color, seated in a lotus posture of height 91 Cms in a shrine on the main road in Vallabhipur town. (Shve).

The history of Sri Vallabhipur is very ancient. Its past name used to be Vamilput. This was the ancient capital city of the kings of Maurya dynasty who reigned here for several centuries and from which several kings became followers of Jainism. From Jain scriptures it is found that during 5th Vikram century king Shiladiyta, son of Raja Dharmaditya of Maurya dynasty had honored in his royal court the composer of “Dvadashar Nayachakrawal”, the king among logicians and great erudite scholar Acharya Sri Mallavadisurihi and the composer of “Shatrunjay Mahatma” Acharya Sri Dhaneshvarsuriji. At that very time, at king Shiladitya’s instance renovations were carried out on Sri SHatrunjay shrines when there existed 84 Jain temples.

In Vikram year 511 Sri Devarshigani, a great patriarch and other 500 Acharyas organized a conference of Jain community in this place and for the first time successfully undertook the work of redaction  of Jain Agamas. In Vikram year 584, son of the local king Sri Dhruvsen of Maurya dynasty died and at that time, the 4th Lalalacharya who coincidentally happened to be here, by giving religious discourses to the king, removed his sorrow and not only gave peace of his mind and soul, but also inspired him to build several Jain temples for the benefit of the son’s departed soul. During Vikram year 610 to 625, a brave and adventurous king named Grihsen reigned here when there existed many Jain temples including one large temple of Sri Adhishvar Bhagwan where the idol was made out of rare transparent crystal stone. Sri Jinbhadragani has stated that at that time there existed here several handwritten manuscripts. The “Vishehsavashyak” commentary volume was composed in this place.

Around Vikram year 676, the Chinese traveler Hu-en-sing visited this place and he found it to be very large city with many Jain householder families living there. A reference is available that it included many millionaires. About Vikram year 845 during the period of Gujarpati Hammir, the city fell, declines and was largely destroyed when ancient idols in great numbers were removed to Devpatan and Srimalnagar. Even today at several spots ancient ruined relics are being found. The last repairs and renovations to this ancient historical shrine and its ceremonial consecration were performed at the hands of Tirthoddharak (reviver of shrines) Acharya Sri Nemisurishvarji.

It is said that at one time this place was the base of Mt. Shatrunjay, Acharya Sri Dhaneshvarsuriji composed here his volume entitled “ Shatrunjay Mahatmya”. Once there existed here one of the largest universities of Bharat. From religious point of view, this place is believed to be very holy because many events and deeds of religious glorification  have happened here.

In the lower portions of the temple, there are installed idols of Acharya Sri Devardhigani and 500 other Acharyas which are worth seeing. Within the enclosure of this temple there is  a Guru Mandir of Sri Vijaynemisurishvarji. In the town, there is one another temple of Sri Parshvanath Bhagwan where the icon is very beautiful and ancient.

A noteworthy feature is the style in which idols of Acharya Dei Devardhigani and 500  other Acharyas have been made and the architecture of the entire temple either of both these cannot be seen anywhere in India. Ancient relics of great art are also visible here in some places.

The nearby railway station is Dholka junction which is 19 Kms away where buses and taxis are available. This shrine is located on the main road of Ahemdabad- Palitana. From here Palitana is about 55 Kms away.

For lodging there is a dharamshala hall and a block in the compound of the temple with all facilities including bhojanshala for meals are available.

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