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Sri Mahavir Bhagwan in white color, seated in  lotus posture, of height 90 Cms in a shrine located in the middle of hills in a forest outside the village of Virvada. (Shve).

This place it is believed has a very  old history.  Once it used to be called Virpalli. The shreshtis of this place, it is stated, had built a temple in the village of Kotara in Vikram year 1208. On one of the pillars of the temples, there is an inscription found which states that repairs and renovations were carried out here in Vikram year 1410. This shrine has been referred to in “Tirthmala” composed by poet ganivar Sri Megh in Vikram year 1499, in Tirthmala composed by Sri Shilvijayji in Vikram year 1745 and in Tirthmala composed by Sri Gnanvimalsuriji in Vikram year 1755. There are indications which suggests that this shrine belongs to the period of Sri Mahavir Bhagwan. There are no inscriptions on the idol but the looks of the idol spontaneously seem to be revealing the antiquity. The shresthis of this place appear to have built temples at various places. It is believed that some time this has been a very large and prosperous city and Visalnagar, Kotara etc., of the surrounding area must have been parts of this city. Yogiraj Srivijai Shantisurishvarji was honored at this place with the title of “Acharya”.

Every year on Magsar Sukla 6 the dhvaja ceremony takes place. Built outside the village and in the shadows of the hills, the picture of this temple looks very attractive. The idol of the Lord, Sri Mahavir looks serene, beautiful and impressive.

In the village, besides this temple, there is one temple of Sri Sambhavnath Bhagwan and Sri Vimalnath Bhagwan on first floor with carefully designed 52 surrounding small single room shrines which are worth a visit. In the nearby area of Visalnagar, Kotara, Virothi etc. many artful relics ruined Jain temples are found. The ruins of one ancient temple in Visalnagar are known as “Vasia Mandir”.

The nearby railway station of Sirohi road is 10 Kms away where taxis and buses are available. The town of Sirohi is 14 Kms far. The shrine of Bamanwada is only 2 Kms from here. The public bus– stand is only 200 meters away. Cars and buses can go upto  the temple.

There is a  dharamshala  in the village where water and electricity are available. It is however advisable that visiting pilgrims should first stay at  Bamanvadji shrine where all facilities are available and then come here.

Sri Vimalnath Bhagwan Jain Pedhi  
P.O. Virvada -  307 022
Dist : Sirohi ,  Rajasthan
Tel :   02971 – 37138.