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Sri Mahavir Bhagwan in white color, seated in a lotus posture and of height 1.4 meters in a shrine on a small hill, outside the Varman village. (Shve).

There is a reference available about the setting of a lotus-shaped in a celling vault of the small shrine of Sri Ajitnath Bhagwan in the “Bhamati” (a cloistered corridor for a covered walk around the inner sanctum of the temple) of Sri Mahavir  Swami (of Brahman Gachchha) by the Jain householders  including Shreshthi Sri Punig in Vikram year 1242. In Virkam year 1287 the managing committee made by Ministers Sri Vastupal and Tejpal for the management of Lavanyavasahi Temple at Dilwara had entrusted the work of offering ceremonial prayers and worship on Magh Krishna  5 on  to the Jain Community of Varman during the annual festival of “Atthai Mahotsava”. A reference is also available about the construction of a “Rangmandap” in this temple inVikram year 1446. In “Tirthmala” composed by Gnanvimalsuriji Vikram year 1755, this shrine has been referred. All these show that this shrine belongs to a period before Vikram year 1242. From ruins and relics of the ancient time, from ancient wells and Vavs found here it becomes evident that once this must be very large recently carried out extensively.

Brahman Gachchha was founded at this place. The local sun-temple is one of the famous sun-temples of India which is believed to have been constructed before 7th Vikram century. Every year a celebration is held on Chaitra Sukla 13 when devotees in large numbers come here from far and wide to participate in the ceremonies performed for offering ceremonial worship to the lord.

The idol of the Presiding Deity is unequalled. The specimen of art creations on the ceiling vault as well as the Sikhar, adjacent to the idol of Sri Mahavir Bhagwan, the two idols of Sri Parshvanath Bhagwan in a meditating standing posture, the two idols of Sri Laxmidevi and Ambikadevi and many other ancient  idols are astoundingly beautiful. There is no other temple in the vicinity.

The nearby railway station of Abu road is 44Kms away where taxis and buses are available. The nearby large town of Revdar  3 Kms away and Mandar 10 Kms from where buses and taxis are available. The shrine of Jirawala is 5 Kms away from this place. There is a tar road upto the temple

For lodging there is a  dharamshala near the temple with all facilities and a bhojanalaya for meals are available.

Sri Vardhaman Jain Teerth, Varman
P.O. Varman  -  307 514,
Dist : Sirohi, Rajasthan.