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Sri Sambhavnath Bhagwan seated in a lotus posture in a shrine located at Lakhan Kotadi in the city of Ajmer.  (Shve).

The city of Ajmer was earlier known as Ajaymeru. According to a reference, this city was founded by Maharaja Ajaydev during 12th century. He built his fort here first and later established the city, hence it was named as Ajaymeru. While the city was founded, there surely would have been a few Jain householders and a few temples would also have been there. Otherwise if would have not been possible for P.P. Yugpradhan Bhattarak Shiromani Dada Gurudev Sri Jinduttsurishvarji to visit this  place immediately after the city was founded.

In the beginning of 13th Vikram century, when Yugpradhan Bhattarak Shiromani Dada Gurudev Sri Jinduttsurishvarji  visited this place, the king of this place was Sri Arna Raj, son of Raja Ajaydev. Raja Arnaraj was very much impressed with the discourses of Gurudev and requested Gurudev to stay over there throughout, Jain saints do not stay at a particular place and so Gurudev said that he would frequently visit this place. Raja Arnaraj had donated a vantage place in the southern direction in the base of the mountain, for residence of Shravaks and construction of a few temples. Perhaps, at that time a few temples would have been constructed.

Unfortunately, during the time of Ashadh Sukla Ekadasi in Vikram year 1211, Dada Gurudev attained heavenly abode (Devlok) . The final rites took place at a suitable place called “Vishala Pal” (Sagar Ki Pal) constructed by king Sri Vishaldev, which is in the eastern direction of Ajmer near Mount Madar. At the  place of final rites of Dada Gurudev a “Chhathri” was constructed in Vikram year 1221 which was installed by his successor Manidhari Dada Jinachandrasurishvarji. Later the local devotees of Gurudev reshaped this Chhathri to an attractive monument which was consecrated by the Pattadar of Dada Gurudev, the highly intellectual Acharya Bhagwant Sri Jinpatsurishvarji in Vikram year 1235, as per the reference available.

According to another reference , a massive temple of Sri Mahavir Bhagwan existed here in Vikram year 1221. A huge temple full of art and architecture, well known as “Adhai din ke Jhupde” is said to have been here in the western direction of the fort. Perhaps, a lot of temples would have been built here thereafter. 

During the course of time, a lot of temples had been damaged at various places, similarly even this temple might have been damaged. Today ruins and relics of those ancient temples are lying scattered underground. This temple of Sri Sambhavnath Bhagwan is considered to be the most ancient one amongst all the Swetamber temples that are worshipped today over here.

The proud and historical significance is the importance of this place. During the last eight centuries a lot of temples have been damaged at various places but this holy place is safe even today. This is the most significant point of this place.

A lot of Jains and non-Jains from various places gather here for seeking darshan of the idol. It is said that the family of Raja Arnaraj, son of Raja Ajaypal (who was the founder of Ajmer) on the advise of Sri Dada became followers of Jainism and adopted “Osh” dynasty. Even today the idol of Dada Gurudev works miracles and fulfills the desires of  many devotees. Annually on Ashadh Sukla Ekadasi a fair is held at Dadawadi. Apart from this temple there are 4 Swetamber temples, 8 Digamber temples and a Dadawadi that is described in the above para.

References are found of a very ancient and artistic temples, but today only the remnants of those temples are seen scattered at various places here. The Digamber Soni Mandir is indeed very beautiful. Even at the Museum over here, ancient Jain idols and specimens are found which are worth seeing. Nearby Ajmer city in the village of Khedli, Harshpur, Pushkar etc, ancient artful relics, specimens and stone inscription are found, which proves the antiquity of this place.

The railway station of this place, Ajmer Junction, is just 3 Kms away from the temple. All types of conveyance are available in the city. Cars, buses can go right upto the temple. From this shrine, Medata Road is at a distance of 100 Kms, Jaiput at 135 Kms,Jodhpur at 210 Kms,Rajnagar at 225 Kms, Agra at 280 Kms and Delhi at a distance of 375 Kms. From all these places all sorts of transport is available. The nearest airport is that of Jaipur.

For lodging, there is a Dharamshala at Dadawadi Vijaynagar with all facilities including of a bhojanshala.

Sri Sambhavnath Bhagwan Mandir,
Sri Jain Swetamber Sri Sangh, Lakhan Kotdi
P.O. Ajmer  – 305 001,  Rajasthan
Tel : 0145-429461 (Sambhavnath temple)
         0145-423530 (Dadawadi)