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According to the scriptures Sri Rishabhdev Bhagwan who is also called as Sri Adhinath Bhagwan or Adishvar Bhagwan, attained Moksha from this mountain on Magh Krishna 13 along with his 99 sons and numerous saints. A reference is found that this shrine was 12 Yojan (96 miles) away from Ayodhya and the height of the mount was 8 Yojan (64 miles). It’s possible that during the course of time there was a difference in the distance and height of the mountain. It is said that this mount is also called as Mount Kailash.  Mansarovar is very close by to this mount. It is learnt that Bharat Charkravarthy, to safe guard this shrine from any Natural Calamaties, had divided this shrine into 8 portions and perhaps that is the reason why it is named as the Ashtapadh. According to “Shiv Puran”, Shri Rishabhdev Bhagwan attained Moksha from Mount Kailash.

When Sri Rishabhdev Bhagwan attained Moksha three stupas were installed and later Sri Bharat Charavarthy constructed massive, mind captivating and attractive 24 small shrines of 24 Tirthankaras, the idols studded with precious stones and named it “Sinhnishdha”. Later even Shri Bharat Chakravarthy the eldest son of Adinath Bhagwan attained Nirvana from here along with many Munis. According to another belief, he had attained Moksha from Hastigiri and hence this is a subject of research. Years later, to further safe guard this mount and Shrines, sons of Sagar Chakravarthy dug large pits near the mount and diverted the river Ganges to flow into it, according to references found. During the course of time since the pit became huge and deep, this shrine was cut of and was not accessible easily. It is understood that due to layers of snow that has covered this mount totally, it is also called “Dhavalgiri”.

King Ravana of Lanka while climbing this very mount got so much engrossed in Bhajans of Prabhu that he secured himself a place in future Tirthankaras. Mahavir Prabhu’s first disciple (Ganadhar) Sri Goutamswamiji had climbed this mount using his powers again broke the fast of 500 Rishi Munis, a reference is fount in this aspect too.

This shrine even today is not seen but  Mount Kailash covered with layers of snow is near Tibet and is 6714 Mts( approx 20,200 feet) above sea-level, while Mansarovar which is 22kms away from the mount is 4560 Mts (approx 13,725 feet0 above sea level.

Hindus and Buddha's consider this as their shrine as well. To reach here one can go via Kathmandu but Indian Government arranges for the pilgrims to reach this place which is also close to China, agreeing mutually with the Chinese and Tibetian Govt.

To visit this place and come back it takes, about a month and one has to go walking or on Mules. It is yet impossible to climb mount Kailash. Even before crossing Mansarovar one can view and have darshan of this mount. The circumference of this holy mount is 16 Kosh(32 miles). Ardent devotees go round Mount Kailash as well  as Mansarovar and perform Pooja, offer prayers at Mansarovar and fulfill their desires.

The main Photographs of Kailash and Mansarovar along with the assumed photograph of Ashtapadh and also the very ancient idol of Sri Adhinath Bhagwan can be seen which is printed for the benefit of the devotees. Perhaps, this is the same place from where Prabhu had attained Moksha. The above information, description and the photographs would definitely be helpful.