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Sri Avanti Parshvanath Bhagwan in black color, seated in a semi lotus posture of height 1.2 meters in a shrine in the city of Ujjain near river Kshipra. (Shve).

Ancient names of this city were Avantika, Pushkar, Rajini etc., According to Jain scriptures, Avantisukumal sons of Bhadra Shethani, after hearing religious discourses from Arya Suhastisuriji got himself initiated into the Jain order of Jain saints and living in the jungle, after practicing intense austerities attained Moksha in his state of fasting. His son Sri Mahakal in memory of his father built this magnificent temple on advice from same Arya Suhastisuriji. This narration is believed to be of the year 250 after Vir Nirvana. Thereafter, in the course of time this shrine has seen many rises and falls. It is however noteworthy that at different times different great Acharya Bhagwans by making use of their energy and intelligence, knowledge and power have added to the glory of this shrine.

During the period of Bhagwan Sri Mahavir, the local king of the area Raja Sri Chandrapradyot had prepared a sandal wood idol of Sri Mahavir Bhagwan which later remained in the possession of Raja Sri Samprati. Arya Suhastisuriji used to often visit this place for offering prayers to this idol. He had delivered religious discourses to Raja Samprati, Avantisukumar, Mahakal etc., Acharya Sri Chandrarudra who was revered as a glorifier of the Jain order who was a jewel among the learned and erudite scholars at the royal court of King Vikramaditya created profound impression on the mind of the latter by composing a laudatory poem entitled “Kalyan Mandir Stotra” in his presence as a result of which an attractive idol of Sri Parshva Prabhu manifested itself in the brilliant Shiva-Linga of the king’s temple. Thus the prestige of Jain religion was considerably enhanced. In Vikram 7th century, Acharya Sri Mantungacharyji by performing an almost similar miracle had created profound impression on the mind of King (Brihad) Bhoj by composing another laudatory poem entitled “Bhaktamar Stotra”. In Vikram 11th century Sri Shantisuriji had earned great respect in the royal court of Raja Bhoj of Parmar dynasty, who was a great lover of knowledge, by winning a debate on some aspects of religious philosophy with 84 other debators. In this way, this shrine is associated with many such events concerning the popularity and expansion of Jain religion.

In this temple and the city, the ancient art is less visible because of several rises and falls. Not withstanding this, the ancient idol of Sri Parshvanath Prabhu  is extremely lovely and enchanting. There are 24 other temples in this city besides this one.

The principal railway station of Ujjain is 1.5 Kms away from the temple, where taxis, tangas, rickshaws are easily available. There is a tar road upto the temple. Ujjain City is 56 Kms from Indore.

There is a dharamshala near the temple with all facilities including a bhojanshala.

Sri Avanti Parshvanath Teerth
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