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Presiding Deity and Location :
Sri Chitntamani Parshvanath Bhagwan seated in lotus posture and height 39 Cms in a shrine at Mahajanpatti in the midst of Azimganj village (Shve).

During late 17th and early 18th centuries many wealthy Jain families of Murshidabad had come and settled for good at this place. They had also then participated in many social welfare activities including getting built several Jain temples and dharamshalas. In year 1750 A.D Sri Saubhagyavijayji, describing the place has mentioned about the prosperity of the area and the generous nature of its wealthy people. From several other sources references are available about these wealthy Jains having also built Jain temples and dharamshalas elsewhere besides having carried out several renovations. They were generally big landlords and were known by the title of “Babus”.

The temple here has been constructed about 125 years ago. This is one of the main temples in the Panchtirthi of Bengal. Here, there are about 30  idols made out of nine precious stones which are attractive and worth seeing. The central beam of this temple which has been made out of stone called “Kasoti” (Touch stone for gold testing) is both superb and artistic. The scene of this area settled on the banks of the river Bhagirathi Ganga is extremely pleasing. The extensive ancient building in the area reminds one of the glorious past of the place.

Besides this temple, there are seven other temples nearby where too many idols are really a sight to see.

The railway station for visiting the temple is Azimganj city. On the banks of river Bhagirathi, opposite each other are the cities of Jiyaganj and Azimganj and one can reach latter only by crossing the river from Jiyaganj side for which ample ferries, boats etc., are available. All temples are situated within an area of about two kilometers.

It is more convenient to come here and first settling down at the dharamshala in Jiyaganj. The journey is safer and advisable during the day time only as the river  is to be crossed by ferries, boats etc., In the temples water and electricity are available.

Managed By :
Sri Chintamani Parshvanath Jain Mandir
P.O. Azimganj – 742 122
Dist : Murshidabad ( W.B)
Tel : 03483-53312