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Sri Adishvar Bhagwan in white color, seated in a lotus posture, of height 120 Cms in a shrine in the village of Badnavar located on highlands of Malwa, Vindhya Mountain 1650 feet above sea level. (Shve).

It is said that 2250 years ago this idol was ceremonially installed by Sri Samprati Raja, grandson of Emperor Ashok. From relics of old available, it is found that here once existed numerous Jain temples and a large Jain city. The temple is in underground cells and several times it appears to have been renovated. The last such renovations were carried out by the local Jain community and the re-consecration ceremonies were performed at the hands of Panyas Sri Motivijayji in Vikram year 1984. One more underground cell is there, on opening of which old history etc., may come out. From this local Jain Sangh tries.

Because it its being a place of wonderful miracles despite several centuries and attempts at Vandalism by Muslim invaders, this idol has not been damaged.

Every year on the 1st day of the bright half of the month of Bhadrapad after reading from scriptures about the birth of the lord, the Jain householders proceed in a procession accompanied by bands of music to offer prayers to the idol in the temple and perform “Arati”. It is said that at that time drops of water appear on the walls of the underground cells where the idol is installed. This divine sight is available only on that day. Always the Lord in the idol appears to devotees in three forms, childhood, youth and seniority. Non-Jains also visit the shrine in great numbers.

As the temple has been re=constructed, the ancient art is not prominently seen but the extensive ruins of ancient Jain temples and many destroyed idols give one sufficient data for being reminded about the antiquity of the place.

Nearby the temple, there is one more temple which is about 200 years old. The idol of Manibhadra Swami in this temple is profoundly impressive and working miracles.

The nearby Railway Station of Badnavar is 18Kms away. This place is located on Dhar-Ratlam main road. Ratlam is 40 Kms away and Ujjain 55 Kms away from here. Direct buses to come here are available from Ratlam, Indore, Dhar, Ujjain, Rajgadh (Dhar) and Mandsor. The temple is only 400 meters from the local bus stand. Cars can go right upto the temple.

There is a dharamshala for lodging where water, electricity etc., are available.

Sri Adinath Nathumal Jain Swetamber Murtipujak Pedhi,  
P.O. Badnavar – 454 660   
Dist :  Dhar ,  Madhya Pradesh
Tel:     07295 – 33814 / 33736 (P.P).