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Sri Bhiladiyaji Parshvanath Bhagwan in black color, seated in a lotus posture and of height 53 Cms in a shrine on the main road outside the village Bhiladi. (Shve).

In Jain scriptures the references is available about this place being called in ancient times by the name of Bhimpalli but to obtain its detailed history is difficult indeed. The idol of the Lord is ancient and is believed to have been ceremonially installed by revered Sri Kapil Kevali. According to one other story it is believed to have been so installed at the hands of Raja Samprati. A legend states that Sri Shrenik Kumar married a pretty girl of “Bhildi” community and founded this city after the name of her community. In the course of time, this city became famous and widely known by the name of Trambavati.  At that time there existed  here one hundred and twenty five temples with sikhars, a like number of wells for drinking water,  several specially designed stepped wells, i.e. Vavs and many market places. On the western side of this temple there was a small palace. Even today the latter is known popularly as “Gadhi Sthal”.

There is a reference about Sri Jinachandrasuriji having given Diksha to Sri Jinpatisuriji in the temple of Bhimpallipur on Falgun Krishna 10 Vikram year 1218. There is also a reference available which states that renovations were carried out on this temple by Oswal Shreshthi Sri Bhuvanpal Shah in Vikram year 1317.

A reference is found that Shreshthi Sri Lakhamsinhji got here ceremonially installed an idol of Sri Ambika Devi in Vikram year 1344. Thereafter the city was burnt to ashes of which no causes are known. From available references it also becomes evident that Acharya Sri Somprabhsurishvarji during Vikram 14th century used to spend this four months rainy season periods in this city. Having Yogic powers he has precognition of the fact that the city was shortly going to be destructed. He and the Jain householders therefore soon after “Chomasi Pratikaman” (meditation and confession of a type designed to be practiced as soon as rainy season was over) on the very 14th day of the bright half of the month of Karthik left the city  for good migrated to Radhanpur. At various places in the area of this city and round about, burnt bricks, ashes, coal etc. are found while digging.

Thereafter in Vikram year 1872 at the inspiration and persuasion of Sri Dharam-Chandrabhai Kamdar the village of Bhiladia became inhabited again near this temple. At that time this temple was in a dilapidated condition and this idol of Sri Parshvanath Bhagwan together with other idols was safely secured in a vault underground. An extremely thick and wild forest had grown around the temple. Hearing about the glory of Sri Parshvanath Bhagwan, devotees always used to come here in a great number. The Jain householders of Bhildi having taken over the management of this temple had already begun the work of repairs and renovations in Vikram year 1936.  The last repairs and renovations were carried out in Vikram year 2027 and the temple was once again ceremonially consecrated on Jyest Sukla 10 in that year at the hands of Acharya Sri Bhadrasurishvarji.

The significance of the shrine is because of the belief that the idol was ceremonially installed in the hoary past by Sri Shrut Kevali Kapil. In Vikram 16th century it is said, Bhimpalli Gachchha was founded in this very shrine.

It is believed that before Bhiladia village was re-inhabitated an attempt was made by the Jain householders of Sariad village to remove the idol to their village. At that time, this temple was in a ruined condition and the idol was secured safely in the vault underground. The Jain householders did try after successfully unseating the idol to take it outside the vault gate but suddenly a miracle happened. The idol grew up in size on account of its immanent divine power and wild bees in large number began to fly around. The Jain householders on having this taste of anger at their act of profanity immediately seated the idol at its original spot. Many such stories of miracles are heard here. Even today devout followers by visiting the temple and offering prayers get all their wishes fulfilled. Every year on Paush Krishna 10, a fair is regularly held here.

Because of its antiquity and calamitous sudden rises and falls, today artistic relics are found at various spots from underneath the ground. Ancient idols of great art here are worth seeing. If excavations are carefully carried out on an extensive scale, very important historical material is likely to be found. There is one more temple existing in this village nearby.

The Railway station is Bhiladi which is about 1 Km from  the  temple. The bus stand is only 100 meters away. There is a tar road upto the temple. From Deesa, this place is 20 Kms away and on Palanpur-Radhanpur highway, it is 60 Kms away from Radhanpur. Buses and taxis are available from all these places.

For lodging there is large dharamshala with all facilities including bhojanshala for meals are available.

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