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Sri Mahavir Bhagwan in white color, seated in a lotus posture, of height 60 Cms in a shrine located outside the little village of Bhandvapur.  (Shve).

Once upon a time, this was a very large city. A reference is available that the magnificent idol which was once ceremonially installed in Vesala town on Magsar Sukla 7 in Vikram year 813 was again ceremonially installed here in this temple on Maha Sukla 5 in Vikram year 1233. This temple was once again renovated and sanctified subsequently on Posh Sukla 9 in Vikram year 1340.

This place is not only ancient but also works miracles. The miracle if the idol is famous. It is stated that in Vesala town when the invaders who were in power started pillage and destruction, this temple was also considerably damaged. This idol was  therefore placed in a bullock cart and was being taken away to Komta by one Sanghavi Palji who resided there but the cart went to Bhandva via Megalva and halted there. Sanghavi Palji was directed in his dreams to construct a temple at this only and get the idol consecrated. Accordingly Sanghavi Palji along with his family members got the temple constructed and sanctified on Magh Sukla 5 in Vikram year 1233. Even  today this place is considered to be working miracles and it is believed by thousands of Jains and non-jains. According to the devotees all their wishes gets fulfilled here. Every year a fair is held from Chaitra Sukla 13 to Poornima and on Kartik Poornima thousands of devotees gather for worship during fairs. The magnificent ancient temple with 52 surrounding small single room shrines, the art displayed in the making of the idol is extremely appealing. There is no other temple in the vicinity.

The nearby railway station of Jalore is 56 Kms away, that of Vishangadh is 40 Kms away and Modra only 30 Kms away. From these stations, buses and taxis are available for transport to this place. From Saila, there is a dirt-road but buses and cars can go right upto the temple.

For lodging there is a dharamshala in the courtyard of the temple were water, cooking utensils, mattresses and a bhojanshala for meals are available.

Sri Mahavir Jain Swetamber Pedhi, Bhandavpur
P.O. Megalva – 343 022
Dist : Jalore ,  Rajasthan
Tel :   02977– 53433.