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Swapna Dev Sri Kesaria Parshvanath Bhagwan in black color, seated  in a semi-lotus posture, of  height 152cms in a shrine in the middle of a garden near the village of Bhadravati (Shve).

It is difficult to find out how much ancient this shrine is but from relics it is definitely known that it is very ancient. The Archeological Department of the Government of India declared this shrine as a protected monument. Till the last century half the portion of the idol remained  buried under ground and people of the surrounding called the idol as Kesaria Baba offering to it “Sindur” (Red powder) with faith and devotion. On representations made by Swetamber community householders of Chanda, Wardha and Hinganghar the government handed over the shrine to the community in the year 1912 A.D. with all rights and obligation incumbent thereto. The Governor if Madhya Pradesh at that time Sri Frank Sly having been impressed by the sight of Sri Kesaria Babu donated 142 acres of land for the shrine on behalf of the Government to the Jain community with all entitlements. Therefore extensive repairs and renovations were carried out on the shrine.

On Maha Sukla Panchami in Vikram year 1966 (1910 A.D.) , Sri Chaturbhujabhai, manager of Sri Antarikshji had a dream in which her found himself roaming in a dense forest nearby Bhanduk. Suddenly he saw a Nagdev (snake-God) who showed him a great shrine and indicated that in the city Bhadravari there already existed a shrine of Sri Kesaria Parshvanath Bhagwan which needed resuscitation by him. After this “adesh” (command) the Nagdev disappeared. On the basis of this dream, Sri Chaturbhujabhai started out in search of the shrine on Maha Sukla 9 and during the rambling, he saw this shrine. He narrated the whole story to the community members of Chanda and immediately necessary action began. The community first took over the administration of shrine from the Government of the day and from that day devotees have started calling the Lord as “Sapna Dev” Lord of Dreams Sri Kesaria Parshvanath Bhagwan. Even today many miracles happen here. Every year a festival fair is held on Posh Krishna Dasami, when devout followers in thousands from great distances gather for offering their prayers.

Besides this, in this garden itself are located one temple of Sri Adhishvar Bhagwan, one of Sri Gurumandir and one that of Sri Padmavati Devi.

There are many idols here which are ancient and discovered from under the ground. The relics found from the ruins are worth seeing fro the art displayed in them. In upper portion of the temple there is installed a quadruple idol with faces in four directions. This is a very ancient idol which reflects there different Tirthankars viz, Sri Parshva Prabhu, Sri Chandra Prabhu and Sri Adhinath Prabhu and this is its unique feature.

The nearby railway station is Bhandak which is 1.5 Kms from the shrine where rickshaws and taxis are available. Chanda (Chandrapur) is 32 Kms from here. Bhandak is located on Delhi – Chennai grand trunk road as well as Nagpur – Balharsa – Chandrapur rail line. From the bus stand in Bhadravati village, the shrine is at a distance of 100 meters only. There is  a tar road upto the shrine.

There are three dharamshalas in the garden with all facilities and a bhojanshala fro meals are available. A new Upashraya also has been constructed.

Sri Jain Swetamber Mandal  
P.O. Bhadravati  – 442 902
Dist : Chandrapur, Maharashtra
Tel : 07175-66030