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Sri Navlakha Parshvanath Bhagwan in yellow color, seated in a lotus posture, of height 76 Cms in a shrine in the village of Deev, an island in the sea. (Shve)

This place is believed to be very ancient. According to the history of Ajahara, king Ajaypal with his army camped here. In “Brihat – Kalpasutra’ this shrine has been referred to . In 14th Vikram century Upadhyay Sri Vinayprabhvijayji had made a pilgrimage to this shrine. A reference is available about Sri Kumarpal Raja having built here a temple of Sri Adinath Bhagwan. In Vikram year 1650, Sri Hirvijaysurishvarji after his pilgrimage to Sri Mount Shatrunjay came here for chaturmasya. This shown the antiquity of this shrine. IN the past this was a prosperous city. From the iconography of the idol also, the antiquity becomes quite evident.

This shrine is one of the Ajahara Panch Tirthi of Saurashtra. Once upon a time, there lived here many affluent Jain families who performed deeds in glorification of Jain religion. They participated in the work of renovations to the shrine of Prabhas Patan during 17th Vikram century. Besides, they played a substantial part in the renovations carried out on the temple of Mt. Girnar and Mt. Shatrunjay. Sri Ladikaben who built a “Stupa” in Una as memoriam to Vijayhirsurishvarji was a resident of this place. According to one reference, it is stated that the crown, necklace and general decoratives apparels of the Lord here had cost a sum of nine lakhs of Rupees each and may be, this is the reason why the Lord was named by devotees Nav-Lakha Parshvanath. Besides this temple, there are two other temples nearby.

Situated in the middle of the sea, the natural beauty of this island is enchanting. The idol  is attractive and very impressive.

The nearby railway station is Veraval which is 7 Kms away where taxis and buses are available. Bus stand is adjacent to the temple and there is a tar road right upto the temple.

Near the temple there are a few rooms for staying where only water and electricity is available. It would be convenient to stayovernight at Ajahara Teerth and come here for darshan, pooja  etc.,

Sri Ajahara Parshvanath Panch Teerth
Jain Karkhana Pedhi

P.O.  Deev  : 362 520
Dist : Junagadh, Gujarat.
Tel:     02875 – 22233 (Una)