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Sri Kalikund Parshvanath Bhagwan in white color, seated in a lotus posture, of height 120 Cms in a shrine located in the town of Dholka. (Shve).

There is a reference that in ancient times, this city was called Dhavalakkapur. According to one popular legend, this is the same Viratnagar referred to in Mahabharat.

References are found in various places about visits here of several Acharyas, buildings of many Jain temples and happening of many actions in glorification of Jain religion since 12th Vikram century. It is said that with the disappearance of Kalikund shrine in course of the eons of time, devotees had ceremonially installed at several places idols of Sri Kalikund Parshvanath Bhagwan and the present idol in the temple is one of these idols. No other places and idols are traceable. This idol is very ancient and to know who and when was its ceremonial installation is just impossible. At first this idol may have remained as the Principal Deity and at some time due to fears of invasion and plunder and consequent desecration, the same may have been installed in the underground cell. This shrine has been referred to in Tirthmala composted in Vikram 14th century of Upadhyay Vinayprabhvijayji. The renovation work of the temple is completed with advise of Acharya Sri Rajendrasuri.

It is noteworthy that Yugpradhan Acharya Sri Jinduttsurishvarhi who was born here in Vikram year 1132, at the age of 9 renouncing the world took his Diksha in Vikram year 1141 at the hands of Upadhayay Sri Dharmadev. This grand, old, patriarch teacher giving religious discourses on Jainism to thousands of people every where made them its ardent and faithful followers. In Jain history, his place is immortal because of his wide and extensive propagation of the principles and teachings  of Jainism.

References are available about Nav-angi commentator Sri Abhaydevsurishvarhji, Sri Vadidevsurishvarji, Sri Chandraprabhsurishvarji, Sri Jinchandrasurishvarji and many other Acharyas having paid visits to this shrine and done many deeds of religious glorification. In Vikram year 1190, Sri Jinchandrasurishvarji commenced his composition entitled “Akhyanmanikosh” in Yashonag Vasati and completed same in Achchhupta Vasati. There are references available about so many different Acharyas having composed here so many different books. In Vikram year 1276, Sri Vastupal and Tejpal were appointed as Ministers of Maharaja Viradhaval in this place. During their tenure of office they along with Sri Pethadshah, Sri Jivanshah and several other shreshthis had built many Jain temples. Today, however, only three temples exist. The idol of Sri Kalikund Parshvanath Bhagwan is a great miracles worker.

It is praiseworthy that in this place many deeds were done which were not only in glorification of religion but also of general human welfare and amelioration.

Besides this temple, there are two other temples in the town.

As for the art of iconography displayed in the idol, the delineation of every limb of the body is delicate. A few moments observation without a twinkle in the eye will enable one to realize Lord’s favor with a sweet and obliging smile. There are may other ancient idols in the town which are worth seeing. At several places beautiful specimen of ancient art are visible.

The nearby railway station is Dholka is 1 Km away where buses and taxis are available. This shrine is located on the main road of Baroda-Palitana. The bus stand is 200 meters from the temple. Buses and cars can go upto the temple. In the town, rickshaws are available for transport. Ahemdabad is at a distance of 40 Kms from here.

For lodging there is a large dharamshala with all facilities. A bhojanshala for meals  is also there.

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